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18 July, 2016
24 July, 2016

Adult Massage Barcelona

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Erotic and adult massage in barcelona

The guys applauded wildly…  I thought “my first strip got rave reviews”.
I looked up and noticed that Jim was standing right next to the table
looking down at me.  He said “You were great, Kathy.  You have one hell of
a body and you do know how to shake your ass”. Erotic and adult massage I looked up and managed
a smile, too tired to say anything.  Jim had other plans though…he
quickly inserted two fingers in my pussy and said “Hmm, seems like you
enjoyed the strip too.  Looks like Kathy likes being naked in front of
us”.  He started pushing his fingers in and out and I protested saying
“I didn’t agree to this”.  He said, “I know, but it doesn’t seem like
you mind too much. I think you’re turned on by being naked in front of
three horny guys”.  He kept fingering me and I was getting wetter but I
didn’t stop him.  After a minute, I suddenly realized that I WAS turned
on and I was bucking against his hand which he had stopped moving.
Our eyes met, and I knew I had been caught.  I said, “I’m turned on,
very turned on”.  He laughed and said, “I think we all are” and pulled
me up and kissed me while finger fucking me.  We stopped kissing and I
said “Am I going to be gang-banged?”  He said, “Is that what you want?”
I said, “yes”. Jim said, “then just ask, all you’ve gotta do is ask”.
I managed to squeak out “I want to take you all on”.  I had pretty much
lost control to my desires at that point and said I wanted to blow Jim
in front of his friends.  He didn’t put up any argument.  I knelt down,
feeling incredibly horny that I was going to blow a guy in front of
two others and sucked Jim off while the other guys watched wide-eyed.
After I finished, I Erotic and adult massage was picked up by the guys and carried to a bedroom
where they took turns eating me and fucking me and letting me suck them.
Ron, a stocky blond who had been the quietest, turned out to be the
stud of the bunch–he balled me three times that night–once from behind
while I was down on all fours blowing Jim for the second time.  By 8 am,
I had spent most of the night with my legs in the air and was worn out
but happy.  We did the three on one thing several more times that year
until they all graduated in May.  I never heard that the story got out,
probably because they had steady girlfriends and Jim was getting married
in June.  I didn’t do any more group sex during my remaining three
years in college, mainly because the opportunity never seemed to arise.
Although I had become a seasoned pro at it over the year, I wasn’t quite
ready to initiate it.

I lost track of those guys after the end of my freshman year, but toward
the end of my junior year, I got a call from Jim, who wanted to get
together for lunch.  I was a bit leery about that because of our past
together and the fact that I knew he was now married.  He seemed to
sense my uneasiness about meeting and said that it wasn’t a “date” but
really a business meeting as he wanted to talk to me about my working
at the company he was with.  I Adult Massage and Shiva Massage agreed to meet him the next day at a
local restaurant.

When I got to the restaurant, he was there waiting at the front door.
“He really does look good”, I thought.  He was tanned and obviously
working out regularly.  He hugged me a gave me a peck on the cheek and
said I was looking great.  I pushed aside the feelings that brought
back, reminding myself that was a long time ago.  We were seated and
ordered lunch and talked some about old times, friends, his wife, etc.
He ordered me a “Long Island Iced Tea”, a drink which I had never had.
I drank that down quickly because it didn’t taste strong and ordered
another.  About halfway through that, I realized I was a little buzzed.
Jim started talking about his work, saying that he was in sales and was
currently bidding on a large contract with an out of state company and
the deal was between his company and one other.  He said he had invited
the guy who was going to make the final decision to see the offices and
facilities.  I said, “Oh, sounds interesting, but where do I fit in to
all this?”  He said that he’d be meeting with the guy all day but would
like for someone to take him to dinner and show him the town that evening.
He said that he would rather someone pretty take him out rather than
doing it himself.  I said, “Oh Adult Massage and Shiva Massage this is some kind of blind date? You know,
I’ve got a steady boyfriend now and don’t date…especially blind dates”.
“Well”, he said, “I rather it not look like a date, anyway.  I’d like you
to pose as my secretary.  I want to set up dinner and then back out at
the last minute and pretend to ask you to sub for me.”  I thought about
it and said, “I don’t know, not really my style”.  He said “this is a
great deal for you.  All you need to do is come to the office in the
afternoon and act like you are working while he is around and then meet
him for dinner and dancing.  Buy a nice dinner dress and the company
will pay for it.  The whole evening is on the company tab and you get
paid $500.00.”  Finally, it hit me…”Jim”, I said, “You want me to ball
him, don’t you?” I was incredulous.

I had done a lot of crazy stuff but had never gotten paid for it.
He looked a little embarrassed, but said “I need to pull out all the
stops on this deal, Kathy.  This might just be the edge.  I need someone
that I can count on”.  He moved closer and put his hand on my knee and
looked at me and said “I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but you’re
damn good in bed.  If anyone deserves to get paid for it, it’s you.”
I actually blushed at that, not sure though if I was being complimented.
The waitress came back and he ordered me another drink before I could say
no.  After a minute or so, I gulped the drink and finally said “Jim, you
of all people know I love sex but, geez, this is like turning a trick.”
He grinned and said, “Exciting thought, though, isn’t it”.  He said “don’t
answer yet, just think about it.”  We talked some more and the waitress
brought the check.  I was starting to notice that Jim was doing a lot
of looking at my chest and thought “I wonder if he is going to try to
make me”.  He paid the check and Adult Massage and Shiva Massage said “Let’s drive around and talk a bit.”
I said okay and we went off in his car.  He said that he thought about me
a lot and missed the days of our group sessions, saying it was the best
sex he had ever had.  We had driven out by the Dayton Mall and he pulled
into the lot and parked.  He looked at me and said that he wasn’t planning
on coming on to me but that seeing me again had turned him on.  He took
my hand and put it on his pants and I could tell he wasn’t kidding.
I shouldn’t have, but I gave him a little squeeze through his pants.
He put his arm around me and pulled me closer and starting kissing me.
I responded, not being sure if I was excited because of the drinks,
Jim, or the fact that someone’s husband wanted me.  He unbuttoned a
button on my blouse and slid a hand inside and into my bra.  He said,
“it’s been a long time since I felt them”.  He then slid his hand up my
leg and started pressing my pussy against my pantyhose.  We kissed and
I suggested a motel.  We went to a motel and quickly got into bed and
went at it like old times. When it was over, we laid there and cuddled.
I kissed him and said “Jim, I’ll do it.  I’ll be the company whore.”
He said “are you sure?  I didn’t mean to pressure you.”  I grinned and
said, “Jim, I want the job.  I’m applying for it.  Hire me.”  He laughed
and said “the job is yours.”

Well, I went through with it.  The guy was about thirty, pretty average,
not bad in bed, although I wore him out.  And getting paid for it was a
turn on, I must admit, although I Adult Massage and Shiva Massage never did that again and don’t recommend
it these days.  Jim got the contract and eventually moved out of town.
I still get Christmas cards.

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