26 July, 2016
The best music for a tantric massage
9 November, 2016

¿How to ask a massage therapist for a happy ending?

There are many differences between a professional erotic massage at Barcelona Shiva Massages and what typically occurs when it is requested a massage with a happy ending in some other place.Massages with happy endingcan be found in many places like barbershops, hair salon with “surprise”, local escorts, etc.

In a popular way, the “happy ending” term is used to describe something “similar” to a massage, which is often no more than passing hands here and there in the back, without any technique, until the body is soaked with oils or creams making impossible to give a massage in good conditions without slipping sometimes dangerously on certain areas, such as the spine.

Do you want an erotic massage?

The consequences of asking for happy endings in the wrong places

Most of the time, the person giving the massage, whether male or female, has not received any technical training and the hygiene measures may not be very strict.It is difficult, but worth it, to find a local or a professional erotic massage, just like Barcelona Shiva Massages, that really givesthe importance and dedication to this practice that can provide so much pleasure.

Usually, if a massage with a happy ending is given in a disreputable place, the most probably thing is that it will be offered to the customer the option of finish the process of the “massage” having sex in all its variants, and there has to be mentioned that the person giving the massage won’t be, almost for sure,a professional, theywon’t have any technical knowledge to do it.

The massagewill probably be limited to pass the hands for the back and perhaps legs with too much oil, without actually helping to relax the receiver, provide eroticism or play any game.In other words, it would be a limited and short session just to continue turning the person on his back to have sex directly, and charge a “plus” for that.

What a really erotic massage should be

An authentic erotic massage, like the ones at Barcelona Shiva Massages, must include techniques for relaxing the body in a muscle level, and they must be done by erotic massage professionals with the proper skill to be performed on the area where they are working.

The professional must know how to press with the fingertips, knuckles, wrists, elbows, etc., without hurting, going from lower to higher pressure; should also he or she must be able to control the massage using feet, heels or knees, like the ones given at Barcelona Shiva Massages.

There are many more differences between true erotic massage that are a great option for couples who want to innovate in their relations in an elegant and original way, either by themselves or going to a specialist center like Barcelona Shiva Massages, and the “popular” massage with a happy ending.

Knowing this, if you want a massage with a “happy ending” it is recommendable to get a service that clearly specifies it can be included, otherwise you would have problems with the professional and/or with the administration of the place; and in case you receive it, you can almost be sure your massage will not be professional at all, and the “happy ending” may not be as happy as you expect starting for the lack of protection provided.

If you do not know which one to decide, you can request more information through our contact form or by calling +34 666 930 802.

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