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16 April, 2016
Most erotic massage in Barcelona
20 April, 2016

Barcelona Massage Parlors

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Larry chose to take the short cut home, the one through the little
three-story professional office building, to avoid further teasing from
his classmates.  He knew the path through the lobby, out the back, and
over the fence to his own block.

As he passed under the lobby stairs, he looked up at the sounds of
footsteps in the otherwise empty room.  An attractive woman had stopped
about five steps from the top, going through her purse and mumbling to
herself.  That’s one reason he liked this short cut; there were plenty
of “real pretty ladies” there, ladies who wore stylish dresses and
high-heeled shoes and lots of makeup, just like on TV.

He approached the stairs quietly, and more than a little fearfully.  She
was standing right by the rail, and the lad realized that his every step
closer to her let him see further up her dress!

The awestruck boy just stood there, staring up.  Her lightweight wool
circle skirt swished and swayed around her legs with her least movement.
Larry could see her slip beneath it, and was surprised that it wasn’t
white, like his mom’s slips, but beige, with a frilly lace hem.  Her
shoes were remarkably tall, with narrow spike heels more than four
inches high.  They were the highest heels he’d ever seen!  They were
exactly the same yellow color as her sweater.  Her hair was blond and
long, and flowed in counterpoint to her skirt when she’d turn her head.

When she bent over to pick up a box, he thought for a second she’d seen
him.  He ducked under the stairs and held his breath as long as he
could.  He knew he shouldn’t be peeking like this, but it really was an
accident, and anyway, it wasn’t his fault if he just stood there, was

After a few more agonizing seconds without hearing anything from above
him, he stuck his head tentatively out from the shadows, scanned the
empty room, and looked up, again.  This time, he was really surprised.
The woman had put one foot up on the next higher step, resting the box
on her knee to look through it.  Larry could see farther than ever up
her skirt!

The boy was entranced with the feminine vision thus displayed.  The long
curve of her sheerly clad leg was visible right up to the darker shade
of her stocking tops.  He didn’t really understand why, but looking up
into the inviting lace and nylon cavern somehow made his penis crawl
inside his shorts, like when his dad drove over a bump in the car when
he wasn’t expecting it.

When the woman turned and walked down the stairs, he suddenly started
walking too, as if he’d just come in.  He was blushing bright red,
afraid he’d been discovered, but she gave no indication.  She walked
straight back to the door, about three steps ahead of him.  As he
followed her, Larry studied her magnificent derriere, appreciating it on
a subliminal level.  The enticing roll of her hips was pretty, not lewd,
to a boy who still didn’t fully comprehend the facts of life.  He
attributed it to her high heels.  Thinking about the slip and stockings
under those swaying globes kept his bug feeling “funny.”

They got to the door, and she stopped.  She looked right at him, and
smiled her warmest, biggest smile.  “Could I persuade a handsome
gentleman like you to help me get this box of music out to my car?” she
asked.  Somehow, she sounded like she really meant the “gentleman” part;
she wasn’t making fun of him, like the boys had been.

“Sure, Ma’am!” he said, trying to use a real deep voice so he’d sound
older.  He took the box and backed through the door, holding it open for

“It’s Miss, and thank you!” she nodded.  She sidled through the door
with her breasts pointing right at him, almost grazing his chest!  She
was as old as his mother, but her carefully painted face mesmerized the
boy.  Her eyebrows were sculpted to perfection, her pouty lips painted
bright red, and the dose of perfume she’d added on the stairs
overwhelmed his senses.

He dropped the box in her trunk and then ran around to open her car
door.  He wasn’t at all prepared for her next move — she leaned forward
and kissed him on the forehead!  As she swept past to climb into her
car, her sweater-covered breast brushed his shoulder, and when she sat,
her skirt slid up to reveal her tawny stocking tops

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