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body body massage in barcelona
4 May, 2016
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Bodybody massage in barcelona
9 May, 2016

Best bodybody massage in barcelona

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As usual, Mom was squirming her ass and moaning, and having a
wonderful time, because she really enjoys it when I fuck her. Her
legs were over my shoulders as she bucked her cunt up to meet every
solid stroke of my prick. As I rammed into her, Mom was contracting
her cunt-muscles around my cock, making it so good for me I hardly
knew which end was up. I don’t know why Dad is so reluctant to screw
her… Mom is one hell of a good fuck!!

Anyway, after spying on us for a while, Tina thought it best not
to announce her presence. She waited until she got me alone before
revealing to me, in no uncertain terms, that she knew I was
exploring forbidden territory by sticking my dick into Mom’s pleasure

That was when she told me that if I had a thing for family pussy,
she was more than willing to let me try hers. She entwined her arms
about my neck and after she laid a hot sexy kiss on me, she said she
needed my cock a lot more than Mom did, because she’d never had one
before and she didn’t like any of the guys at school who were trying
to get into her virgin pants.

And after all, she added, Mom had Dad getting into bed with her
every night. Maybe he wasn’t screwing her every night, but an
occasional cock was better than none at all… and my little sister
desperately needed a cock! Tina laid it right on the line. She wanted
me to take her virginity and fuck her like I was fucking Mom. What
could I say?

Since then I’ve been fucking my horny little sister every chance we
get, and fucking my gorgeous mother every now and then, whenever she
feels the old man is neglecting her.

Some family, huh? Well, can I help it if the choicest pussies in
town are related to me? I won’t go into detail about the numerous
times I screwed Aunt Sara and Aunt Margaret, and my little cousin Jo
Anne, but suffice to say that I was literally surrounded by hot,
eager pussy… and it was all in the family! To me, that kinda made
it more exciting!

Anyway, after being away a month, I was back home. At least I was
at the airport, my eyes scanning the crowd to find my little sister.
Believe it or not, I was so anxious to find her I actually went right
by her. It wasn’t until I began to walk toward the baggage claim
area, thinking she was late, that I felt someone tap me on the
shoulder. Turning around, I was delighted to see Tina.

My heart pounded in my chest. To see my sexy little sister
standing there in front of me at long last was one thing, but to see
her decked out in a white summer dress with white shoes, her
shoulder-length blonde hair flouncing about, made me start
hyperventilating on the spot. Her eyes, a lovely clear blue, seemed
to hypnotize me with their radiance.I wrapped my arms around her in a
passionate hug, pulling her tightly against me, and it was all I
could do to keep from running my hands all over her tight, sexy little
ass right then and there.

As she rubbed herself against me, Tina she whispered hotly in my
ear, “You’ve got a hard-on, Jerry! Is that for me?”

“Who else?” I replied. “I’ve been saving it all for you, kid!”

She laughed. “This is your sister you’re talking to. I don’t buy
fairy tales. You’ve been with Aunt Sara for a month and there’s no
way you could behave yourself for that long… not when you were alone
with her every day, while Uncle John was at the office. I’ll bet that
each day your prick never came out of her pussy until it was time for
Uncle John to come home to supper!”

“Never mind that!” I said, grinning at her. “Have you been saving
some of yours for me?”

“You’ll find out after we get home,” she replied. “We have a lot
of catching up to do, big brother.. I haven’t had any cock for a week!”

“How can we do anything with Mom there?”, I asked.

“She and Dad left yesterday on a three-week vacation,” Tina
grinned. “We have the house all to ourselves. Mom said for you to
remember I was your sister and to behave yourself!”

“What do you suppose she meant by that?”

“What do you think she meant, considering how many times she almost
caught us when we WEREN’T behaving ourselves?”

We couldn’t get home quick enough to suit me, but finally we were
there and we went straight upstairs to Tina’s bedroom. I told her to
sit on the edge of the bed and reached into my pocket, pulling
out the gift I had for her. I asked her to close her eyes and
took her present out of the box it was in, then I knelt before her
and clasped the thin gold bracelet around her wrist.

Her eyes widened when she saw it and I could see the deep
affection she felt for me. She stood up as I got to my feet and her
arms went about my neck as she pressed her mouth onto mine. When the
kiss ended, she tugged off my jacket and shirt. We both kicked off
our shoes and as I yanked off my socks, she stripped off her panties.

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