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13 April, 2016
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Hot massage in barcelona
16 April, 2016

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I continued to stare dumbly at her clogs, but was slowly
getting excited at the prospect of being almost nude in front of
Stacia.  I had been swimming hard all summer and was quite proud of my
body.  A surge of hormones and I kicked off my sneakers and pulled my
t-shirt over my head.  Standing in my near nakedness, I felt a flood
of warmth enter my loins.  My body quivered with the anticipation of a
stallion about to mount a mare.  I was aroused.
“Mmm,” nodded Stacia appreciatively.  “You have a nice, firm
swimmer’s body.  If only you were bit taller,” she added, wistfully.
I protested immediately that we were about the same height and
it was only because she was wearing high heel clogs that she seemed
taller.  She laughed.
“So you noticed my high heel clogs.  You’ve only been staring
at them since you came in.  Anyway, the heels aren’t that high.”
She sounded a little defensive and was pensive for a moment.
“Here, see for yourself.”
She kicked off her clogs and motioned for me to try them on.
I became very excited at the thought of wearing her clogs.  Because
she seemed out of reached, I must have subconsciously fixated on her
clogs and now was my chance to experience a part of her: to wear her
high heel clogs.  I eagerly slipped into her clogs.
The clogs felt wonderful.  The insoles were padded making the
clogs luxurious.  The height of the heels created a padded arch that pressed
deliciously against the soles of my feet.  Best of all, I now towered
over her and felt bold and daring.  I knew my erection was a prominent
tent pole, pushing against the tight fabric of my speedos.  I proudly
faced with my feet slightly apart, my hands on my hips, and my cock
straining for release.
“All it takes is a pair of high heel clogs, and you turn into
a little tiger.”
She looked up at me slyly.  She placed her hand on my chest
and my breathing became audible.
“Speaking of little tigers…”
She suddenly reached down and grabbed my balls aggressively.
I gave a yelp of surprise, which pleased her greatly.  In a flash, she
undid the string of my speedos and worked the bathing suit down to my
knees.  She encircled the base of my cock with her hand and took my
dick swiftly into her mouth.  The warm, moist sensation of her wet
mouth and flickering tongue quickly overwhelmed me with pleasure and I
came in body shaking spurts.
She got up and ran to the bathroom.  I heard the toilet flush.
When she returned, I was still standing there in her high heel clogs.
My speedos were now down by my ankles, but my dick was still waving in
the air.  She was amused to see it still hard.
“What am I going to do with you?” she teased.  “You come like
a flood and you’re still hard.  Well, we’ll just have to stuff tiger
back into your speedos.”

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