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17 May, 2016
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19 May, 2016

Best erotic time in Barcelona

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The woman then lay down on the ground and the man sat on her
chest, putting his cock between her breasts.  As she squeezed the
breasts on his cock, the man rocked his body back and forth while
extending his hands to the woman’s tits.
“Open wide,” the man said.  The woman lifted up her head and
opened her mouth.  Best erotic time in Barcelona A shot of semen came out of the man’s penis and
landed squarely in the woman’s mouth.
“Mmmmm,” the woman said, as another spurt landed in her
mouth.  She then moved her head forward and put the entire cock in
her mouth.  As she sucked, a second woman walked into the room.
The man then got up after the woman had sucked him dry and lay on
the bed.  The second woman moved into a 69 position with the
woman who was already on the ground.  The camera showed the
woman on top licking away at the other woman’s cunt.
As the woman kept licking, I heard the doorbell ring.  My cock
quickly started to go limp.Best erotic time in Barcelona  I turned off the VCR and walked toward
the door.
When I opened the door, I saw two beautiful girls standing on
the porch.  The rain had been coming down pretty hard for the last few
hours and the two girls were drenched.
“Hi, my name’s Kim and this is my friend Leslie,” one of the
girls said.
“Hi,” I answered back.
“Uhhh, could we use your phone?” Leslie asked.  “Our car
broke down and we can’t seem to get it to work.”
“Well maybe I could help you,” I said.
“Do you know much about cars?” Best erotic time in Barcelona Kim asked.
“I do know a few things,” I replied.  “Would you like me to see
what I can do?”  As I said this, I couldn’t help but look at both of the
girls’ chests which were quite damp.  And since they were only
wearing shirts and no bras, I was easily able to see their semi-erect
nipples.  I started feeling a slight bulge between my crotch.
“Yes, I would appreciate it if you could help us,” Leslie said.
“Do you think we could come in and dry off first?” Kim asked.
“By all means, come on in,” I said.  “I wouldn’t want you two to
catch a cold standing outside in the rain.”
I opened the door further so that Best erotic time in Barcelona Kim and Leslie could walk in
and then I closed it shut.
“Boy, it sure is wet out there,” Kim said.
“Yea, it sure is,” I said.  “And you look quite wet yourself.”
“Do you mind if we use your bathroom to dry off?” Kim asked.
“Not at all,” I said.  “Just walk down the hall and take a left.”
“Thanks,” Kim said.  The two then walked down the hall and
before they rounded the corner, they had already taken off their shirts,
revealing their bare backs.  Kim was wearing a mini-skirt and Leslie
was wearing skin tight jeans.
I heard a voice coming from the bathroom.  “Hey, we forgot to
ask you what your name is.”
I walked toward the athroom and I answered back, “My
name’s Jeff.”
“Thanks a lot for letting us dry off,” Leslie said.  “It was getting
kind of cold outside.  Do you have a hair dryer?”
“Yea, it’s in the top drawer,” I answered.
“Thanks,” Leslie replied.
“Would you mind if we Best erotic time in Barcelona stayed here while we let our clothes
dry,” Kim yelled out from behind the bathroom door.
Mind, heck no.  I wouldn’t mind at all.  In fact, stay as long as
you’d like.  “No, not at all.  Be my guest.”
“Thanks,” Kim answered.
“And, uh, one more favor,” Kim said.  She cracked open the
bathroom door and handed me her wet T-shirt that she had been trying
to dry.  Then she handed me her mini-skirt, and then out came a g-
string.  Hmmm, a g-string, I thought to myself.  “Could you dry these
for me”?
“Sure, no problem,” I replied.
The hand came back out with more clothes.  This time it was
Leslie’s shirt and jeans.  However, no underwear came out with the
“And could you dry these too?” Leslie asked.
“Sure,” I replied again.  My mind was racing at this time.  Here
were two beautiful girls in my bathroom, naked, and me on the other
side of the door.  I heard a few giggles which were being slightly
drowned out by the sound of the hair dryer.
“Ouch, that’s hot,” I heard as I walked toward the laundry room.
I put the clothes into the dryer and started to dry them.  I then turned
around and out came the Best erotic time in Barcelona two girls, each covering themselves with a
“I have some clothes that might fit you, if you’d like,” I said.
“Thanks,” Kim said.
“Would you like pants, or shorts?” I asked.
“How about some shorts,” Leslie said.
“Same here,” Kim said.
I quickly darted to my room and returned with two pairs of
shorts and two T-shirts.  “Here you go.”
I was then shocked when the two girls dropped their towels and
took the clothes from my hands.  Boy, they sure aren’t shy, are they?  I
quickly glanced at their chests.  Kim had nice, small breasts, though
not too small.  Leslie, on the other hand, had slightly bigger breasts.
And then my eyes lowered as I took a glance at their pussies.  Kim’s
pubic hair was nicely cut, in a perfect triangle, and Leslie’s was clean
shaven.  As my eyes stared at the two girls, the bulge in my pants
started to get even bigger.

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