Erotic massage in barcelona
29 April, 2016
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erotic massage in barcelona
2 May, 2016

Best massage in Barcelona

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Picture Damon, in shorts and a “T” shirt, being introduced to a late night
crowd gathered around the dance floor. He throws off his shirt immediately and
starts doing gymnastics. The crowd loves Damon. Then he takes off his shorts,
leaving only a leather loin cloth. Now he does back bends, handstands, front
and back flips and the crowd goes wild. This “jungle boy” really has nerve. The
crowd is cheering, screaming, clapping and routing him on and without
hesitation, Damon rips the loin cloth from his hot, throbbing loins; throws it
into the crowd and begins to gyrate around the dance floor like a wild boy. He
shows us everything he’s got. Damon’s every movement is designed to show off,
seduce and capture our attention. The crowd loves Damon. And of course, he wins
the contest and the money. Just like in the movies!

On the beach, the following day, I see him. The crowd still loves Damon.
The beach is filled with eyes watching the surf and horizon interrupted by his
movements. I catch him as he pulls his raft from the surf, heading for the
beach. He glows in the sun with butch and angular features softened by his just
having grown into them.

Damon is a boy, with mischief in his heart and in his mind. He feels good
about his looks, but he’s not at all stuck up. He just likes to show off.
Recognizing this, I approached Damon, on the beach, down in Fort Lauderdale,
and I asked him if he’d like to shoot some pictures with me. His eyes lit up
and he said, Yeh! Well, that was that. I told him to call me at my apartment,
later that day, and that we’d set up a time to get together to shoot. I told
him that I’d like to get some shots of him, in his loin cloth — out on a
secluded beach area which I knew about, just 3 miles from where we were now. He
thought that would be hot. We parted and I waited to hear from him.

It was about dinner time when the phone rang. My heart started to pound. I
was really looking forward to recording this boy-image on film. He was hot. It
was Damon. He, too, was really excited. He said that he’d always wanted to get
some pictures done, but he didn’t know anyone who could do them. He wanted to
come over right then to do some, in my apartment for openers. I thought for a
second and said, “Sure, why not.” I gave him my address and told him to be
there in about 1 hour.

Two hours later, Damon still hadn’t arrived. At that point I figured that
he’d become nervous about the whole idea and had decided to forget it. I was
getting a little hungry so I decided to get changed and go out for some dinner.
I’d just got out of the shower when the doorbell rang. I wrapped a towel around
myself and headed for the door to see who it was. It was Damon. Dressed in a
beautifully skimpy pair of low rise nylon running shorts (cut all the way up to
the waist band on the sides) and a tight, red nylon cut-off “T” shirt. No
shoes, socks or anything else. He was hot and he was ready to shoot! I invited
him to come in and asked him if he’d like a drink while I got dressed. He said
that he did — I made him a drink and excused myself to get dressed and told
him to make himself comfortable while he waited.

I threw on a pair of summer sweats and a light-weight sweat shirt and
headed back out to the living room. When I got there I knew that I was in for
an interesting evening. Damon sat there, watching TV, sitting on my couch —
completely naked. His eyes connected with mine as I entered the room and he
said, “I hope you don’t mind, but you did tell me to make myself comfortable
and when I’m at home, this is how I get comfortable. I don’t really like to
wear clothes. It’s OK, isn’t it?” Well, who was I to disagree? “Sure”, I said,
“why not. I’m pretty much the same way.”

Damon said that he’d like to talk about what we might do for pictures and
where we might shoot some of them. Although I was more than a little bit
distracted, at first, by his pretty, nakedness I quickly realized that this
nymph-ish 18 year old wasn’t sitting there naked to seduce me — he was,
truly, just making himself at home. Once I realized that, I felt pretty good
that he’d trusted me enough to plunge right to it and then get into a “real”
conversation. He was sweet…….. a real nice little guy. I knew, right then,
that Damon and I would become very special friends….. and more.

We talked for a while, then Damon asked what he should do….. so that we
could take a few pictures. He said that he’d brought some of his “dance”
clothes…. like the loin cloth and some pretty hot pairs of shorts. I
suggested that he take out what he’d brought and model some of them for me, so
that I could get some idea of what he’d look like in them. He thought that was
great and proceeded to empty his shoulder bag all over the floor in front of

We picked out four pretty skimpy and revealing outfits and headed for the
little studio which I’d built in the basement of my house. First, we decided to
shoot Damon in a hot little outfit which consisted of a pair of torn, gray
stretch shorts (made of that sweat pant material) and a cut-off red tank top.
He looked hot. Then he changed into a pair of 501 cut-offs, which he’d torn up
the sides all the way to the waist band, and a worn old jeans jacket which he’d
torn the arms off of. He looked really hot and street- boyish in that! Finally
we’d make it through all of the outfits which we’d selected and I suggested
that we shoot some stuff of him in the nude. Damon said that he’d like another
drink first…. and suggested that we put on some music while we had a drink so
that he could dance and get into the mood. I picked out a hot dance tape that a
DJ friend of mine had mixed for me a couple of weeks ago and Damon went right
into his “club act”.

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