Erotic Massage Hotel Barcelona
27 April, 2016
Erotic massage in barcelona
29 April, 2016

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His lips tightened with his effort to keep relatively still.
B’Elanna’s uninhibited enjoyment and hunger for sex aroused him as much
as did her slender, muscular body. Chakotay could remember only dimly at
that moment when he had felt as much passion for a woman. He sighed
inwardly, recalling people and places a long time ago–and very far
away. Had anyone ever been as far away from his past?
B’Elanna was coming again. The light in the tube was dim, but he
could see her features contorting, suppressed growls escaping her full,
panting lips. Her small high breasts quivered as he began to move more
energetically. Their mutual rhythm drove his cock deep into her heated
interior, then withdrew it except for the head as she rose on her knees
above him. Every time she plunged down onto him again she let out a long
moaning breath.
Her fingernails were piercing into the skin of his shoulders, even
through the material of his uniform. Despite the discomfort, heat
shuddered through him, twitching his features intermittently with
intense snarls of gratified desire.
B’Elanna looked as if she was losing control, tossing her hair wildly
in his face and twisting her body; Chakotay decided to let go of himself
and finish before she kicked a hole in the bulkhead and set off a Red
Alert.  Well, she had wanted it quick. He arched his back up to her,
kneading her breasts and running his thumbs over her hard nipples.
Around her fourth or fifth orgasm, she neglected to suppress her
The voices outside paused for a moment, then resumed and moved away.
Chakotay clamped one hand over her mouth and shushed her. She paid
little attention.
The next time she came, she bit his palm, forcing him into a hiss of
surprised pain. He was never going to get used to her penchant for using
her teeth and nails during sex. The Klingon heritage she found so
troublesome burst out without inhibition when she was thoroughly
Chakotay wondered what her father had done to avoid being eaten alive by
B’Elanna’s full-blooded Klingon mother. His mind began to run on a path
he found so intriguing that he forgot to keep himself quiet as he
The throaty roar of his release still echoing in his ears, he helped
B’Elanna get dressed and smoothed her lush mane of hair. His own short
cut showed little disturbance despite his exertions.
“Tomorrow night, all right?” he whispered to her while she peered out
of the hatch. “Come to the holodeck; I’ve got something special
“Sure, whatever. I’ll go on all the romantic walks you like for that
kind of fucking,” she replied with a voluptuous smile. “I assigned all
my holodeck allotments to you, by the way, since you seem to get a kick
out of the thing. Have fun.” She gave his genitals a quick squeeze by
way of farewell and slipped out when no one was passing. He followed
after a decent interval.
The hatch opened into a corridor just off the main Engineering area.
He had meant to get some reports on the Voyager’s energy status before
B’Elanna dragged him off. Chakotay strode purposefully between the
consoles to the station he wanted, noting with chagrin that several
technicians were attending a little too closely to their work as he
passed. One young man caught his eye and to his utter astonishment
winked with perfect solemnity.
“Yes, Ensign, what is it?” Chakotay barked.
“Nothing, sir. Nice day for it, sir,” the man replied, and returned
to adjusting field coils. Chakotay finished what he had come to do as
quickly as he could and headed for the turbolift. He had to wait for a
moment for the doors to open, and heard a quiet comment behind him. “If
that’s why the Chief’s so sweet and reasonable lately, more power to

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