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The best music for a tantric massage

The tantric massage has more than 5000 years of history a massage that serves to enhance our sensory capacity, tantric massage is famous for its connection with sensuality and eroticism, but goes far beyond.

It was practiced in the ancient East, the massage, among other things, served to relax the organs and the mind at the same time. Through the tantric massage, it is tried to deactivate and relax the mind to open ourselves to a world where every touch is relevant the same way every sensation and every moment do. In this kind of massage, feelings take the power over thoughts, and you can have this experience at Barcelona Shiva Massages.

Do you want an erotic massage?

Wellness and relaxation is the main purpose

It is a massage that has the objective to awake the inner energy through meditation on the own body and on the partner’s. Tantric massage can be exciting but the purpose is not having sex, but enhancing feelings. It can be achieved to disconnect from the problems while feelings are enhanced at Barcelona Shiva Massages.

Once the thoughts get cleared, and get focus on feelings, it is when the fullness is discovered in every sense. Massage can eliminate stress and accumulated negativity and leads the person to a great sense of peace.

Tantric massage understands that every person has a natural rhythm. At first it may be difficult to relax and deliver to the sensations because losing control may make the person look weak. However those who have tried this, have experienced very pleasurable sensations.

Although the masseur is able to do slow or fast movements the ones that are specially recommended are the slow ones, as it is done at Barcelona Shiva Massages.

The previous preparation at Barcelona Shiva Massages

In order to have the most pleasant experience it is necessary to prepare the environment using candles, soft lighting, a nice aromatic essences and the right temperature (remember you will be naked so it must be warm to get the muscles relaxed), the best place to perform this is at Barcelona Shiva Massages.

Besides all the elements mentioned, one factor that helps to improve the experience is the music, make sure you chose a soft and relaxing music for background to create the best environment, just like especial music for relaxation, sounds of the nature or just instrumental music, remember to unplugged the telephone line and turn off the mobiles so you don’t be disturbed while you are having this intimate experience.

Although the tantric massage is related to erotic massage, the concept of this kind of massage has more to do with wellness. It is true that sexuality is enhanced as a consequence of these massages; however sexual satisfaction is not the purpose of them. This massage allows the mind of the receiver to be released from its monotony and be able to enjoy a full sensory experience.

The tantric massage is considered one of the most intimate kind of massage that exist, because even when there is no sex involved during its performance there is genital touching, it tends to have the pleasure as the main purpose, and there can be orgasms but they are not the goal. The tantric massage is based on the idea that says if you are happy in a sexual way and relaxed your health will get better.

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