8 January 2021

The first erotic massage

Touch is one of the most developed senses and through which we can transmit all kinds of sensations, especially pleasant ones.
16 December 2020

The erogenous zones

Our body has a large number of nerve endings. Nerve endings are responsible for carrying information about any external stimulus to our brain.
9 November 2020

Awaken passion in the bedroom

Sometimes the work routine, the routine as a couple, the poor diet, the sedentary lifestyle, among other things, is able to put out the flame of passion in the bedroom.
15 October 2020

The purpose of a good erotic masseuse

Nowadays, everything related to the world of erotic massages is gaining more and more popularity among the population.
16 September 2020

The art of shibari

It comes from hojo-jutsu, which was a torture method used by samurai and the Japanese police for several centuries, in which the rope was used to tie prisoners and torture them.
17 August 2020

Erotic massage against depression

The purpose of erotic massages is not only relaxation and activation of the sexual appetite, but they also favor the reduction of depression and anxiety.
30 July 2020
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TOP 5 things to know before your happy ending massage

It is completely normal that certain doubts or questions arise about massages with a happy ending, especially when it is the first time that one ventures into this experience
31 October 2019

Combine football & massage: Barça v Borussia

Messi, Griezmann, Suárez… These stars of world football are the three most accurate weapons of FC Barcelona’s attack. Fans are lucky enough to […]
31 August 2019
Masajes Shiva Barcelona masaje espalda

Deal post-vacation stress with massages

September arrives and with it the return to routine. After the summer months in which the sun and the beach or the […]