11 May, 2017

Massages for health purposes

Massage is a form of therapy that has been used since ancient times and is born from a natural desire to seek a relief by touch. […]
22 February, 2017

Why is it important to receive a good massage?

The routine, the stress, the everyday problems, or even poor posture can trigger a number of pains that prevent to develop our day-to-day in a proper […]
2 February, 2017

Erotic masseuses, sexy women with a great job

For Masajes Shiva it is very important the role of the masseuse and erotic, this is not only because their work is essential to achieving an excellent service […]
19 January, 2017

How to turn your couple on?

Lately I’ve been asked a lot on sexual desire: How does it come from? How can you get it? Why does it appear? Why with some people […]
16 January, 2017
Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress 2017

Se acerca una de las grandes citas del año en lo que a tecnología móvil se refiere. Barcelona se convierte en la capital mundial con el […]
21 December, 2016

What is the origin of the erotic massage?

Since the humanity has existed, caresses or any other form of contact between people are expressions of affection, of love or something else. We all know […]
14 December, 2016

Sugerencias para iniciarte en el tantra

Actualmente muchas personas se interesan por todas aquellas técnicas y filosofías que podemos considerar como antiguas, pero que corresponden a un tipo de creencias que permiten […]
7 December, 2016

What is the best time to receive an erotic massage?

Erotic massages are a great way to express the love to your partner, there are different types of erotic massages and each one has its best […]
30 November, 2016

Ventajas de los masajes para parejas

Con el paso de los años las parejas van perdiendo en algunos casos la iniciativa cuando se trata de sexo. Todo se debe no a la […]
23 November, 2016

Can you get an orgasm with an erotic massage?

Nowadays, several products can be found at the market to ease the sexual enjoyment. Oils, creams, lotions, etc., that help lovers to increase the pleasure, to […]
9 November, 2016

The best music for a tantric massage

The tantric massage has more than 5000 years of history a massage that serves to enhance our sensory capacity, tantric massage is famous for its connection […]
27 October, 2016

How to ask your masseuse for a happy ending?

There are many differences between a professional erotic massage at Barcelona Shiva Massages and what typically occurs when it is requested a massage with a happy ending […]