30 September 2018

Sensual Massage – The Key to Success

Introducing a little eroticism and sensuality is never too much, especially if we begin to feel that our life is not entirely [鈥
31 August 2018
masaje rostro facial

Why a massage is good

From the surface of the skin to deep organ suspensions: Only a few forms of therapy have such a wide range of [鈥
31 July 2018

Meeting of archaeologists who love massage

Barcelona is one of the favourite destinations for the organisation of congresses, as it brings together all the conditions to become the [鈥
30 June 2018

Improve your health through massage

For those who have not yet tried it, a massage will give you a moment of pure pleasure. It will free you [鈥
31 May 2018

Music and massage at S贸nar 2018 Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the nerve centres of the world of music on several occasions throughout the year. Today we are fully [鈥
17 April 2018

Tennis and massages in Barcelona: Conde de God贸 Open Banc Sabadell

One of the most important sporting events of the year in Barcelona is here once again this year: the Banc Sabadell Open [鈥
21 March 2018

Psychoanalysis and massages: alternative therapies that go hand in hand in Barcelona?

Taking advantage of the fact that the 11th Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis will be held in Barcelona from the [鈥
2 January 2018

Why should you hire a professional masseuse?

The art of massage is a manual technique of relaxation and healing that is more than 5,000 years old and there are [鈥
18 August 2017

Ritual massages, a new trend

It is important to begin by mentioning that ritual massages are a trend that has not been born out of nothing or [鈥