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2 May, 2016
Best bodybody massage in barcelona
7 May, 2016

body body massage in barcelona

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The body to body massage in Barcelona at masajesshiva, the best body massage and the most beautiful masseuses in the city…

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“Anyway, she was so hot that she even wore me out!  I introduced her to
some of my more serious lesbian friends, and she’s never looked back. I
don’t think she’s even had a guy yet!”

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I could feel my own pussy heating up.  Lisa’s slutty stories made me
want to make up for all the lost time I’d spent being celibate.
I grabbed Lisa’s dildo and smeared the head with KY jelly. “Want
some help?” Lisa asked.  “No, thanks.  I think I need to cum
by myself.  If tonight works out, I’m not going to be able to reach
for my cunt without running into some sluts’ tongue.”

Lisa giggled and went into the shower.  I lay back on my bed and
spread my thighs far apart.  Gently I pulled my pussy lips apart
and rubbed my mound with the slipper tip of the dildo.  It slowly
slipped into my box, and I began to pump it in and out.  My fingers
would brush against my clit when it plunged in.  My cunt was now
oozing its cream around the base of the plastic cock.  Grunting, I
picked up speed, thrusting the dildo deeper into my hot slit.

“Unh, Unh, Unh, feels so goood!”  My cunt got hotter and hotter as
I fucked myself.  I could feel the hard shaft all the way up to my
cervix.  My climax was cumming soon, I could feel it.  As my pleasure
increased even more juices poured out of my pussy, dripping down my
downy soft thighs onto the bed.

I was lost in the lucious feelings that were overwhelming me when
I was suddenly aware that someone was looking into the room from behind
the door.  Lisa must have left it open a little, ’cause Jeff was
peering around the corner, looking for her.

“Lisa, are you here?”  Then he saw me spread-eagled on the bed. “Oh,
sorry! I, uh….I was looking…umm…”

He stood in the doorway, his eyes fixed on the dildo sticking out of
my cunt.  I slowly pulled it out and tossed it aside.  It dripped KY
jelly and pussy juice in a big puddle on the floor.  I stroked my clit
with one hand, while cupping my breasts with the other.  “Hi Jeff!” I
said.  “Sorry we didn’t get to talk last night, but you were so busy.”
I smiled as I started thrusting my fingers into my hole.

“I was wondering if you were really as good a fuck as you sounded last
night.  Think you might want to give this pussy a try?  Lisa won’t mind.”

He hesitated by the doorway, confused by the change in my appearance
from a shy, timid bookworm to an aggressive, sex-hungry slut, who
was offering her cunt to a guy who she had never even said hello to!

“C’mon Jeff, it’s wet and soft!” I sucked some juice off my fingers.
“Mmmmmm, it’s tasty too!  Would you like to see me jerk off?  Would that
make you horny enough to fuck me *hard*?”

Jeff came over and sat on the edge of my bed.  I streched out my legs
to either side of him, and used my feet to pull him closer.  With my
thighs spread wide open before him, I pulled my pussy lips open, showing
him my pink inner cunt, still oozing white cream.  My clit stood straight
up, and I flicked it back and forth with my fingertips.  I reached out
and grabbed his right hand and brought it to my crotch.  Holding his
wrist, I touched his fingers to my cunt.  He got the idea and slowly began
stroking my lips, his hand getting slick with pussy juice.

I sat back and let him continue masturbating my pussy.  He intently stared
at my hole as he rubbed my mound and stuck first one, then two, then
three fingers up my hole.  I hadn’t cum from my dildo fucking, and was
so horny that I felt myself starting to climax.

“Unh, Unh, gonna cum, Kathi’s gonna cream on your hand!  Yesss…feels
so good…Mmmmm…Oh! Oh! OOHH!…Ohhhh…”

My thighs were straining apart as my orgasm hit. My cunt gripped his
fingers as I came, getting them even slimier than before.  He kept
stroking until my cum subsized and I sagged back onto the bed.

“Wow, Jeff, that was pretty good!  Are you still horny enough to plug
me?  I can see your cock right through your jeans.” I rubbed his
crotch, feeling his solid cock bulging under the denim.  Quickly he
stood up and dropped his pants.  He pulled his briefs down and his
cock bounced out.  A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip.

“Yum!” I said. “It looks great. But do you know how to use it?”

Roughly he pushed me flat on the bad and jumped on top of me, spreading
my thighs open again with one motion.  I was so wet and slick that
he just slid right inside my cunt.  He was thicker than the dildo,
and warmer too.  I sighed with pleasure: eating pussy was great, but
it could never substitute for this.  Lisa was right again.

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