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Bodybody masssage at shiva
10 May, 2016
body to body massage in barcelona
12 May, 2016

bodybody massage in Barcelona city

bodybody massage in Barcelona with beautiful spanish girls at SHIVA MASSAGE.

come to see the best and most beautiful masseuses in Barcelona

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Meanwhile Claire was not inactive, she grabbed a half full wine bottle
from the bar, and after pouring most of the contents over her breasts and
cunt, started to masturbate herself off using the long neck of the Hock
bottle. She shoved it as far up her vagina as it would go, the remaining
wine running into her cunt before pouring out around the sides of the
pistoning bottle neck, as it slid up her hole.

When she had finished, the bottle had copious amounts of her love juice,
mixed with wine in the bottom, so bodybody massage putting it to her lips, she slowly
licked the bottle neck dry, before tilting her head back and drinking her
own spendings.

Beckoning us over she then lay beside Tracy on the buffet table, where she
smothered her beautiful smooth cunt in honey. Martin had the pleasure of
licking it clean. Next came Mike, being offer the pleasure of her silky cunt
covered in jam with sponge fingers wedged up her hole. They slowly went soft
as her love juice soaked into them, making a soggy mess which got harder
and harder to scoop and suck out. Mike eventually had to use a teaspoon to
remove the last of the feast, slipping it up her gaping sex and scooping
it out until none was left.

Finally I got my turn at Claire. She picked up the whole butter pat from
the table, and slid it up and down her mound and slit. She oiled the whole
area of her sex. The butter melted on contact with her warm skin running
down into the openings of her anus and cunt. Carefully moulding the block of
butter into a long phallus, she opened the swollen lips of her sex wide and
worked the butter slowly into the dribbling opening of her vagina.

Leaving the butter jutting from her sex, she peeled a large banana. Dipping
it in melba sauce and holding it in one hand, she slid the melting butter
shaft out of her cunt and pushed the sticky banana up her well greased
avenue. At the same time she rubbed the remaining butter into the valley
between the cheeks of her arse, slipping the occasional finger into the
puckered oily opening of her anus.

I knelt in front of her, and started to eat my way through the feast.
I soon reached her oily cunt lips which entrapped the last half of the
banana. Digging deep with my tongue, while sucking hard, but I couldn’t
remove any more, so I resorted to using my fingers to scoop and dig at her
hole. Sliding a finger under her bottom, I wedged it into her arse, hooking
it over for grip, so that I could hold her while removing the soggy mess bit
by bit. The last bit being so far down, I used a teaspoon to scoop it out,
wasting none I swallowed the last of my meal. I then, like a good little boy,
licked the plate clean, including the valley and cheeks of her arse.

Standing up and walking around to the other side of the table, I first
stuffed one, then both my balls bodybody massage into Claire’s gaping mouth. She sucked on
them greedily. Then after licking the whole length of my rigid meat with
long, slow, wet slurps, I fed my dribbling cockhead into her hot, deep and
welcoming mouth.

Opening her mouth as far as possible, she first relaxed her throat, then
gulped and swallowed as I pushed, my cock slowly slipped into her mouth,
until to my utter amazement, the whole length of my fat wet prick was
wedged down her pretty throat. With my pubes tickling her chin and my balls
slapping her nose, I started to slide the whole length of my cock in and
out of her mouth, letting the head slip almost out of her lips, before
plunging it in again to the hilt. Fucking her tight, slinging throat as
if it was her cunt. What bodybody massage a fantastic sensation, feeling my cockhead
nudging deep down her throat. Sliding into her mouth, with her rippling
throat muscles milking the length of my fat 9″ shaft it wasn’t long before
the crisis came.

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