Best bodybody massage in barcelona
7 May, 2016
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Bodybody masssage at shiva
10 May, 2016

Bodybody massage in barcelona

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Bodybody massage in Barcelona at SHIVA MASSAGE, the best massage in Barcelona at paseo de gracia 67

Our beautiful masseuses are spanish and they speak english.

Do you want an erotic massage?

You can come and choose, we always have 5 different for you!
My wife came home and after a good hour of cold war stares

she asked me how long I had been wearing her clothes.

“Well”, I started ” I have been wearing girls clothes off

and on since I was 12 years old”.  “I am not gay I just love

the way I look in the clothes”.  My wife asked me why didn’t

I tell her.  I told her I have tried to many times.  “Don’t

you remember Halloween last year when I sugested you dress

as a pimp and I would be your `girl`?”  “Yes” she said ”

come to think of it you did get into the roll more than I

expected to.”  “And another thing”, she said ” were did you

get those clothes, they weren’t mine!?”  “Actually they are

mine”, I said ” I have a collection of many different types

of dresses and such”.  “You mean the things you had on this

morning are yours” She asked?  “Yes they are”, I said.  “I

have some information you can read”, I said ” if you want

more information about crossdressing”  “Get it for me” She

said “and after I read it we will talk again”.

I got the information about dressing from my study.  It

included articles about crossdressers, as well as some

magazines on the subject.  The next few days My wife said

very little about the subject, and I was not going to upset

her by bringing it up.  Then on Friday she called me and

said she would be late coming home because she had to do

some shopping.  Later that night was watching the tube and

my wife came in and made a bee line to the bedroom.  “Don’t

come in here”, she said I want to show you something in a

minute.  I sat in the living room trying to figure out

what she had.

She came into the living room a few minutes later wearing a

tight licra dress and 5″ heels.  “”You look great” I said.

“Not as good as you are going to look” she said as she

grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. My malness was

hard as a rock as I watched her buns swish in the tight

dress.  Her gatrers were very visible under the material and

that only made it better.  When we got in the bedroom she

told me to close my eyes.  I closed them and she ordered me

to strip.  I asked her what the supprise was and she told me

not to worry and do as I was told.  After I was naked I felt

her putting some lotion on my legs.  This will help your

legs to look better she said.  I knew what was going on,

but I was to stunned to ask her why the change of heart!.

After a few minutes she took me by the hand and led me to

the shower.  “Hop in and wash off”. she said ” and meet me

back in the bedroom.  I got into the shower and I saw the

hair falling off my legs.  After I finished the shower I

dried off and went back into the bedroom.  My wife had some

lingerie laid out on the bed.

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