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9 May, 2016
bodybody massage in Barcelona city
11 May, 2016

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I said that I thought “maiden” meant “virgin” and Mom said,
kind of half-laughing, that with Aunt Sue’s limited
opportunities it probably did.  That puzzled me because I
couldn’t see where marriage and virginity had anything to do
with each other.  I sure didn’t want to get married, but that
didn’t keep me from wanting to stop being a virgin.  I
certainly wasn’t a virgin by choice–I just had never had an
opportunity to make it with a girl.  My virginity was a
condition I hoped to change the very first chance I got.
When that time might come, I had no idea.  I had never even
felt up a girl, much less done anything else.  Thus far, the
closest I had come to a pussy was the Playboy centerfold.

Aunt Sue and Grandpa live on Grandpa’s farm just outside of
town.  It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there, so
having to stay at their place isn’t that much of a problem.
The main difficulty is that they have only two bedrooms and I
have to sleep with Aunt Sue in her big double bed.  I have my
own bedroom at home, and getting used to sleeping with
someone else wasn’t easy–particularly when that someone else
was a pretty girl like Aunt Sue.

Although I complained about having to go to Aunt Sue’s, I
really didn’t mind it that much.  Grandpa kept beer in the
refrigerator, and sometimes he would let me drink a bottle
when he did.  Aunt Sue would fuss, but Grandpa would tell her
to leave us alone, that we are about “men’s business.”  Of
course, that would make me feel ten feet tall.  Even though
she put on a show, Aunt Sue wasn’t really concerned about it
and never told Mom.

Despite her mock scolding about my drinking beer, Aunt Sue
and I became good friends.  She insisted that I call her
simply “Sue,” that “Aunt Sue” was way too formal.  She
laughed, her face turning a little red, and said if we were
going to sleep in the same bed, we should at least be on a
first-name basis.

With respect to sleeping in the same bed, I have to admit
that the arrangement was beginning to cause me a problem.
The problem is that being in bed with Sue makes me terribly
horny.  (Not that it takes much, anyway.  Being horny is a
steady-state condition for me.)  I was very much aware that
right next to me was a female, a girl who had big breasts and
a pussy.  Sue usually dressed in bulky loose-fitting clothes
–even her night clothes were heavy material–so I could only
guess at what those parts of her anatomy might look like.
Even so, knowing that all that separated her probably virgin
pussy from my definitely virgin cock was just a few inches of
bed space made me ultra-sensitive to our sleeping arrange-
ments.  I went to sleep many a night with a hard-on and had
erotic dreams about girls.  To make it worse, the girls in my
dreams looked like Sue.

Although the extra travel involved with staying at Sue’s
place during school time was a little inconvenient–she had
to take me to school and pick me up–staying there in the
summer was a real treat.  Even though all of us still
referred to it as “the farm,” it really wasn’t one anymore.
Grandpa quit farming years ago, and now it was simply pasture
land he leased out for grazing a few head of cattle.  Sue had
a little vegetable garden, but other than that it was just a
lot of open space.  For a boy of fifteen, though, it is a
wonderland.  There are lots of areas that I still haven’t
explored, and staying there in summer gives me opportunity to
just roam around, laze in the shade, and generally goof off.

Sue is a great lover of the outdoors, and sometimes when the
weather is especially nice, she goes to extra trouble to
carry all the food out to the big picnic table under the oak
tree so we can eat in the wide-open.  It’s always a lot of
fun, the three of us laughing and making a festive occasion
out it.  That is, until Grandpa gets sleepy and decides it’s
his nap time.  He always takes a nap after lunch, and even
the fun of eating outdoors doesn’t deter him from his daily
schedule.  He always put in a good two hours of log sawing,
and thunder, lightning, or even a earthquake couldn’t wake
him until he has his nap out.  He sleeps just as soundly at
night, too.  Sue said that on several occasions she had tried
to wake him, but it was next to impossible.

One morning when I was in the kitchen with Sue, she asked me
if I had ever been down to the creek at the far end of the
farm.  I had never explored that part of the farm and had no
idea there was a creek there.  I told that I hadn’t but now
that I knew it was there I would go explore that part of the
farm.  She said that she had an even better idea–that the
two of us would carry a lunch basket and have a picnic there.
She indicated that Grandpa wasn’t up to walking that far, but
she would feed him his lunch and while he was taking his nap
we would go there and have our picnic.  That sounded great to
me.  It combined two of my favorite things–exploring and
eating–and I waited impatiently for lunch time to finally
get there.

Shortly before noon, Sue called to me and said she was just
about ready.  I went back into the kitchen and found Sue and
Grandpa there.  I was more than a little surprised by what
else I found–Sue dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee
shirt.  Seeing her dressed like that, I was mystified about
why she hid herself in such full, baggy clothes.  She had a
super figure: long-legged, slender-waisted and big-boobed.  I
couldn’t keep my eyes off her and my cock twitched in my
pants at the sight.

Sue set out lunch for Grandpa and told him to have a nice nap
afterward, that she and I were going down to the creek and
have a picnic.  He didn’t pay much attention, just told us
“kids” to have a good time.  Sue pointed to the picnic basket
and said that a big strong guy like me should be the one to
carry it.

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