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significant detail I neglected to mention was the motif in the corner of the
card. This consisted of a line drawing of a pair of female buttocks on a
black circle. The same icon which Couple massage Barcelona the trio had enacted in the park.

I took the rest of the day off. I work from home and my hours are in any case
irregular. With no pressing deadlines I was free to work when I choose. On the
way home I considered the situation. I had two hours in which to make the call.
Would I do so, if so why? Simple curiosity or sexual desire? or both? What was
the motive behind involving me in the scene? Was it some kind of initiation to
some wierd cult? If so was I intended to be an initiate? Was it merely that some
sordid commercial operation was involved and the girl was touting for business?
Above all was it safe? Should I take some precautions such as phoning from
a public call box.

In the end of course the call was made. I phoned at 5pm precisely. The precision
of the icon which I had watched was such that it was clear that strict
accordance with instructions was appreciated.

I made the call from the livingroom, I live alone so there was no problem about
being disturbed. A womaCouple massage Barcelona ns voice answered (the old woman or the young girl?).
“Hello, who is calling?”.
“I saw you in the park”, I replied.
“I was not in the park today, I am merely the operator, please describe
the emblem card you were given”
“It is of a skirt raised to reveal a pair of buttocks”
“You were expected, for our purposes your name will be Zagreus, what is
it that you require?”
“Who was it in the park?”
“That I cannot tell you, I do not know, our guarantee is complete
anonymity and security, her name is known as yours is known, but not by me. Her
name is Persephone”.
“Because it was she who found me?” I asked, having had a classical
education I was aware of the myth of Zagreus. “I am not too happy about how that
story ended.”
“You share our love of the classics then. You are correct in your first
assumption but not in your second. The Greek myths merely form a suitable source
of names. Since most of the GrCouple massage Barcelonaeek heros met the same end the same problem arises
quite often.”
“That is comforting, but you asked me what I require, what do you mean
by that?”, I was not entirely convinced but realised that to persue the point
was useless.
“Persephone has made an offer to perform whatever act you wish, within
the rules of the society in the same place at the same time tommorow.”
“What are the rules of the society?”
“No injury or harm to be inflicted upon any member by another and no
attempt to break anonymity. If you violate either rule you will be excluded.”
“What kind act?”
“I am not allowed to make any suggestions of any kind, I am merely the
operator. Since this isCouple massage Barcelona your first contact I may read the instructions she left
for the scene that you saw.”
“Please read them.”
“I will be standing in a public place dressed in a black skirt
and a white sweater. My skirt is to be lifted and my underwear removed.”
“That is all, please state your requirements”

This was not what I had expected. I had suspected that I was to be asked to
participate in a scene, but had not anticipated that I would be require to
define it. In my mind the scene had not stopped at the point where it did and
had instead continued. After the removal of her undergarments the girl had
remained standing and I approched. Gently I placed my hands under the hem of her
skirt and raised it, touching her in intimate places. The girl remained
impassive as before. Then I left.

“She is to wear the same clothes as the day before. She is not to
replace the underwear. I will be seated at the bench. At 10:23 precisely I will
approach her, raise her skirt and touch her genitalia.”
“Very good she will be notified. I must however warn you that afterwards
you must not on any account attempt to follow her out of the park. That would
breach rules. You should call this number no later than an hour after the
encounter. That is all.”, The woman rang off.

Far from answering my questions, the call had increased them. How many
people were involved? WCouple massage Barcelona hat wer the functions of the “operator”. As for saftey I
was rather more worried than before. Zagreus was a son of Zeus who was lured
away with toys by the Titans who devoured him raw.

Part 3

Suffice it to say that I did in fact go to the park at he appointed time. I wore
white trousers and a black shirt made of silk, reversing Persephone’s mode of
dress.I arrived early and sat on the bench, the girl had not yet arrived, would
she come? Somehow this was the least of my worries. Fortunately this part of the
park was deserted so at least there was no danger of a bystander causing a

She arrived early too wearing the same clothes as the day before. She made no
recognition of my presence, her face remaining impassive. Here I should describe
her face, those piercing Couple massage Barcelona blue eyes, the jet black hair reaching down to her
breasts. I began to regret the choice I had made, I was sure that had I asked I
would have been permited to strip the girl naked, lie down with her and make
love. However I was simultaneously aware of the banality of this fantasy. While
I have no prejudices against casual recreational sex I prefered the feeling that
I was involved in something outside the normall oevre

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