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Do you want to go to the Gamper and enjoy a massage? (August 4th)

FC Barcelona and Arsenal will meet again in what promises to be a duel of height. Two of the best teams in Europe face to face in a summer tournament of those who have solera: the Joan Gamper Trophy.

This pre-season tournament takes its name from the founder of the club (Hans Gamper), and is usually held in August to present the entire squad to the fans, both new signings and older players. Undoubtedly, this is a great opportunity to go to Barcelona and not only enjoy football but also a quality erotic massage.

Do you want an erotic massage?

Massages in the center of Barcelona

Our massage parlour is located in the city centre, so it will be easy for you to combine your visit to Camp Nou with one of our treatments. Check out our website to find out what we can do for your well-being, or if you prefer, you can leave the decision in our hands and we will find the therapy that suits you best at any time.

Just as the Barça players play almost by heart because they are based on a philosophy that has been implanted in the club for many years, our masseurs will know how to walk your body from top to bottom to provide you with maximum comfort.

The format of the Gamper Trophy has changed over time, but since 1997 it has been limited to a single match, making it an unavoidable date for true football lovers. Any football fan should come at least once in his life to this tournament, as it creates a great communion between the players and the stands. After all, summer is full of signings and rumours, but what people really like is football.

The delicious combination of football and pleasure

A good way to combine your stay in Barcelona is to go to our massage centre. The experience of our masseurs is a great reward for customers, as they know where and how to play at all times. We adapt to the characteristics and preferences of the client so that he ends up totally satisfied. We have a great variety of massages, each one designed to provoke a different sensation in the body of the man.

August 4th is one of the dates marked in red on the calendar because it is the first time that Antoine Griezmann will play at Camp Nou as a local. The French has been made to pray but has ended up signing for the current league champion, and is expected to be a true reference azulgrana attack with Leo Messi, Luis Suarez and the rest of stars. No doubt, to see this live show is a great opportunity that you can not miss.

Put the icing on the cake with an erotic massage in Barcelona that will make you remember that moment forever. Contact us and we will give you all the necessary information on how we can help you get out of the routine and release tensions. Our clients always end up satisfied and as happy as when you score a goal.

If you do not know which one to decide, you can request more information through our contact form or by calling +34 666 930 802.

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