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29 April, 2016
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COme to erotic massage in BaI know that the title I have chosen for this series of accounts
can be misleading.  It gives no explicit indication about what the
reader will shortly encounter.  So I will tell you.  It is my
story–the account of my private life.  For the first time really, it
is the melding of my public persona with the full reality of how I have
chosen to live, to indulge my imagination and to achieve the
realization of the fantasies of my youth.

I have little illusion about how  the reader will judge me.
Self-indulgent may be the most generous description I can hope for.
But at one level of reality I don’t care and at another level of
reality, I clearly do.  The part of me that wishes to share my story
with the reader is not inhibited  by concerns about others’ judgments;
the part of me that maintains the buffers that shield my lifestyle and
identity from the rest of the world acknowledges the consequences of
flouting norms of behavior.

Well so far I have been a bit abstract and I am anxious to start
but a bit of biographical data is necessary.

I am forty-three years old.  I am also quite wealthy.  My father
was a founder of a household-familiar kitchen appliance manufacturer.
When I was twenty-two and a second year law student, the business was
sold to an even larger public company and my family became that
entity’s largest single group of stockholders.  A year later I
inherited all those holdings.  I have sold much of the stock I
inherited and have invested the proceeds fairly diversely.  The last
time I looked (and I look reasonably often) I have about $115 million
invested in publicly traded securities, about $26 million in cash and cash
equivalents and about $65 million in less liquid inv
estments.  That my sound like a lot of money.  It is, but it is not so much money
that I have a highly visible public profile.  You would be surprised at
how many private fortunes in the U.S. exceed mine.

Access to wealth of course is one thing that makes me
different–it is also what makes my life as I live it possible.  Here
is how it began.

Beginnings – June 1977

I graduated from law school in 1976 and that fall joined a large
corporate law firm in New York.  After about six months, I knew I was
not cut out for this regimented practice.  First, I was beginning to
spend a lot of my time managing the investments I was starting to make.
Second, I did not need the salary I was earning as a new lawyer and I
did not need the possibility of advancing in the profession as the
means to secure my future.
Third, I was not crazy about the work.  The problems I dealt with were
dictated by the needs of my firm’s clients– not by what appealed to
me.  Fourth, I hated the loss of autonomy that working for the law firm
dictated.  I decided that I wanted to be my own boss, to set my own
schedule and spend full-time managing my investments.

But I also knew that there would have to be some regimentation in
my life. There was a period when I was in college when I lacked the
discipline to go to class and my grades had really deteriorated. Once I
got into the routine of forcing myself to go to classes, to go to the
library for study, all on a schedule, my grades rebounded.  I knew that
I could not leave myself the option of not having a set of obligations
each day.  That meant to me that I would rent an office, employ a
staff, and plan on showing up at work every day.

I hardly knew where to begin.  I knew I had to rent an office,
furnish it and hire the people who would work with me.  I started with
a first step.  I rented a suite of offices for a short-term (six month)
period.  I believed that I would use that time to get my systems in