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10 June, 2016
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19 June, 2016

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Licking her lips one last time, Susie gathered up her
books and stepped out into the hallway, almost bumping into
the janitor who was sweeping the floor with a push broom.
He was a small, elderly man, little more than half the
height of the broom.  Erotic massage barcelone Vito Mascalla was his name.  He hardly
spoke English, but three of his children were attending
university.  He was a quiet little man, grey-haired and
gentle, and Susie liked him very much.  She often stopped to
chat with him about his family.  He frowned on seeing a
student there so late; it usually meant some prank was going
to be played.  But when he recognized Susie his face
brightened and he smiled like a delighted child.

“Oh Miss Susie.  Hello.  You are good?”

Very good! thought Susie, though some people might call
it bad.

“Hi, Mr. Mascalla.  How’s everything?  Come stai?”

“Bene, bene, grazie. I mean very good.  My son Rico, he
just get marry.”

“I know.  You told me.  Last week, wasn’t it?  Did he go
away on a honeymoon?”

“Away?  Yes, to Italy. Erotic massage barcelone To my village.  But I got
pictures of wedding.  You like to see, Miss Susie?”

“I’d love to Mr. Mascalla.”

“They just downstairs.  You come.  I show.”

He set down his broom and headed towards the stairs.
Susie followed, a bit reluctantly.  She had hoped that he
would have the pictures with him.  Now it would be a little
longer before she could find someone to scratch the itch in
her pussy. Erotic massage barcelone But she was really pleased to see the little old
man so happy and she wanted to share his joy with him.

As she followed the janitor down the two flights of
stairs to his corner in the boiler-room, Susie found herself
suddenly thinking about Vito Mascalla in quite different
terms than before. Erotic massage barcelone She thought of his three sons and four
daughters; she remembered that his wife had died last year.
He had fathered at least seven children.  Now he was alone.
He had a cock.  Susie suddenly decided that she wanted it.
It surprised her that she hadn’t thought of having him fuck
her already.  There were very few men in the school that she
had missed, but she was sure this oversight would soon be

They finally arrived at the little corner the janitor
had fitted up as an “office”. Erotic massage barcelone Innumerable pictures of his
family filled the wall over the bare and rickety table that
served as a desk.  Beside it was a heap of plastic garbage
bags stuffed with some of the waste paper generated by a

The janitor proudly pulled out a small photo album and
handed it to Susie.   As she leafed through it, uttering the
appropriate admiring comments, she noted that it was already
well-thumbed.  Vito Mascalla beamed with pride and joy.

“She is very beautiful, your son’s wife.  He is very
lucky.  And your son is very handsome too. Erotic massage barcelone But you look
best of all in your new suit, Mr. Mascalla.”

“Yes, it new.  Just for wedding.  How you know, Miss

“I can see that you were’t comfortable in it.  It was
too tight here, wasn’t it?”

To the old man’s shock and amazement, Susie–that sweet
little girl–reached out and pressed her hand over his
crotch. Erotic massage barcelone He tried to jump back but he was caught in front of
the desk and couldn’t escape her determined hand.  She
maintained the pressure, moving her fingers down until she
cupped his balls.  He could hardly speak.

“Miss Susie!  What you do?  No!  No!  Not nice.  Don’t,

“Oh, but it is nice, Mr. Mascalla.  Your prick.  I can
feel that it’s very nice.  You made all your children with
it, and now your son is using his and putting it inside his
wife to make grandchildren for you. Erotic massage barcelone Wouldn’t you like to
put it in me, too, like you used to put it in your wife,
like your son is doing right now with his new wife?  I’d
like it very much, Mr. Mascalla.  Won’t you do it just for

She was squeezing his cock now and rubbing her hands all
over the bulge of flesh at his crotch.  The poor old man was
frightened to death. Erotic massage barcelone Susie released her hold on his prick
and quickly pulled her T-shirt up over her head.  She wore
no bra.  Then she pushed her short skirt down and wriggled
out of it, making her round, young titties bounce.  Only her
tiny pink bikini panties remained.  In a few seconds they
were on the floor on top of the skirt.

The janitor was incredulous.  Never would he have
believed it.  He didn’t even believe it now; it couldn’t be
happening.  This must all be some strange joke or dream.
Such a beautiful and sweet little girl, naked in front of
him.  And she had touched his cazzo, like a putana, a whore,
but she wasn’t one. She was the nicest person in the school.
His confused mind couldn’t reconcile these two opposites.

“Here, Mr. Mascalla, don’t these feel nice. Erotic massage barcelone They’re
only small now, but soon they’ll be bigger and you can feel
them then too.  Your hands feel so good on me.”

She had taken his trembling hands and pressed them
against her titties.  They were not at all small, and for a
thirteen-year old girl they were remarkably full and fleshy.
His hands just lay there, unmoving, pressing against her
erecting nipples. Erotic massage barcelone Susie took advantage of the old man’s
shock to reach down and undo his belt with her skilled and
practiced fingers.  Doing so pushed her titties harder
against his palms.  She was pleased to feel some resistance.
He was pushing back, at least a little.

In a few seconds the old man’s trousers fell to the
floor.  A moment later Susie was pushing his underwear down
his thighs. Erotic massage barcelone His cock hung limply, still in shock, but the
young girl was delighted to see it.  It was huge.  Almost as
fat as his arm, maybe even thicker, even though it was still
soft.  It looked so strange hanging from such a small man.

“Oh, Mr. Mascalla!  It’s lovely!  You have such a
beautiful prick.  No wonder you have such fine children.
Oh, if only I’d known I would have done this long ago.  Why
didn’t you tell me?  Oh, if only you knew how much I love
cocks like yours!”

She knelt quickly on the floor in front of the little
man, took his cock in her hands, and planted a big smacking
kiss right on its head.

“Oh no!  Oh Miss Susie.  Don’t, please!  No.  Not good.
Not right.  Is a sin.”

Never had anything like this ever happened to him.  It
was unnatural, it was sick, the very idea of kissing a
cazzo. Erotic massage barcelone Only putanas did that.  He couldn’t let this little
girl do such an awful thing, even if it did send a surge of
excitement through his frail body.  But Susie paid him no
attention.  She wrapped her young lips around his swelling
cock-head and, under her expert oral ministrations, his
enormous organ slowly began to swell even larger.  She
paused from time to time to whisper her admiration and to
talk about the children he had made with it.  That seemed to
stimulate something deep inside him, for she felt his cock
jerk and throb each time she spoke, and it was always a
little harder and a little bigger when she took it back in
her mouth again.

Susie couldn’t wait any longer. Erotic massage barcelone The itch in her pussy
was turning into an unbearable ache.  She just had to have
this wonderful prick inside her.  With her hands tightly
locked around the shaft of the janitor’s now almost gigantic
cock, she pulled him with her as she moved backwards towards
the piles of garbage bags.

“Come here!  Please, Mr. Mascalla.  Put your big cock in
me like you used to put it in your wife, like your son is
doing to his wife now. Erotic massage barcelone I want you to do it so much, Mr.
Mascalla.  Please give me your cock.”

She fell back onto the mattress of garbage bags, pulling
his frail body with her.  His pants were still around his
ankles and he tripped and fell on top of her.  Susie groaned
as his giant club slammed against her belly while his face
landed on the tender mass of her titties.  She quickly
reached down with one hand to position his great tool where
it would do the most good for her, while her other arm
wrapped around his neck, pressing his face into her breast.
When his cockhead was positioned at the mouth of her hungry
pussy, it seemed to sink right in, slowly and naturally,
with no effort on his part.  In a moment Susie felt it
buried deep within her and she sighed in glorious
contentment.  She hadn’t had a cock in her pussy since her
Chemistry teacher had fucked her in the lab store-room at
lunch time.  She lifted her legs and pulled the janitor’s
long cock even further into her, squeezing his throbbing
shaft with her caressing cunt muscles. Erotic massage barcelone Then she whispered
in his ear.

“Love me now, Mr. Mascalla.  Love me with your prick.
Fuck me with your big cock!”

Something inside the little man’s mind snapped, some
bond of restraint.  Suddenly he was once more the young
peasant who had wooed and won the prettiest girl in his
village.  With a groan of anguished pleasure he pulled back
and began to drive his great pole into into Susie’s
welcoming cunt, sinking right to the balls each time.  His
energy and strength amazed the young girl, and she exploded
into climax after climax as he pounded his prick into her.
He was muttering in Italian as his giant cock spoke to her
happy pussy in the international language of fucking.

Finally, with a strangled cry he slammed deep inside her
and began to spurt great jets of come into her belly, deep,
so deep that she thought it would mix with Mr. Thompson’s
juices still glowing warmly at the pit of her stomach.  Then
the old man collapsed on top of her, panting and sobbing
into her sweaty titties. Erotic massage barcelone Susie held him gently until his
breathing calmed, murmuring her appreciation in his ear.

“Oh you wonderful man!  That was so nice!  Your cock
filled me up so good.  Now that I know how good you are I
just want to do it over and over again with you.  I hope
you’ll let me, Mr. Mascalla.”

The bewildered janitor could say nothing.  Susie gently
rolled him off of her and, as she always did, bent to lick
his shrinking cock, cleaning up their mingled juices and
greedily sucking up the last few drops of gism that still
oozed from its tip.

“Miss Susie, I . . .”

“No, don’t say anything, Mr. Mascalla.  It was
wonderful.  You did me such a big favour.  I hope it was as
nice for you.”

She rose to her feet, naked, free, and lovely in the dim
light of the boiler-room. Erotic massage barcelone The old man watched her in
bewildered admiration as she dressed.

As she started to pull on her panties, she had second
thoughts.  They would only get in the way, she said to
herself.  For a long time her mother had been surprised at
how quickly Susie’s panties seemed to disappear from the
lingerie drawer.  Whenever she could, Susie liked to go
without them, and she didn’t always remember to stuff them
into her purse or pocket when she took them off.  And often
she liked to leave them behind as souvenirs. Erotic massage barcelone This she did
now, draping them over Mr. Mascalla’s lovely prick before
she kissed him good-bye and hurried away.  She would be back
again soon to see this dear little old man with the big
prick, but now she was looking for other adventures before
she had to be home for supper.

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