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Now, look,” he said ironically, “I don’t like to
hit a woman, but …”
She laughed again. Erotic massage center “But?  But what?  Mr. Snarco, I
am as strong as you are funny.  And I am as skilled at the
martial arts as you are at television comedy.  I have
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dedicated my life to the perfection of my body and my
skills.  The result is what you are experiencing. Your
efforts against me are as nothing.  I want you, and I’m
taking you.  Period.  Do you understand?”  He gulped and
nodded.  “Good.  We are going that way.” Erotic massage center She pointed
toward the fence over which she had come, and she let him
go.  “Go,” she said.  He looked at her in mystification.
“Ok, ok.  Just keep Cool,” he said, backing away
again, trying to lull her into putting her guard down.
Suddenly he broke and ran, not toward the fence, but in
the other direction, toward the house.  She ran after him
and caught up with him so easily that, instead of tackling
or grabbing him, she ran around him and stood between him
and the house. Erotic massage center He started to try to run around her, but
she glided sideways, and he saw  he could not make it.
He tried to run around her the other way, but again she
was in front of him.  He feinted left and ran right, but
she did a complete 360 degree turn and brought her foot
into his bread basket. Erotic massage center He collapsed, holding his gut.
“Your tennis training is fine, Mr. Snarco,” she said.
“It helps keep you trim and attractive.  And I understand
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you even lift some weights. Good!  But it hardly makes you
a match for me.  Now, if you do not comply with my wishes,
I shall be forced to overcome you physically.  There is no
escape.  Erotic massage center And I will not be gentle.”  He got slowly to his
feet, eying her warily.  She adopted a karate pose.
“Shall we contest at my game, Mr. Snarco,” she asked.
To Jimmy Snarco the world that lay beyond that wall
somehow seemed as frightening as life itself.  He felt all
would be lost once off these grounds. Erotic massage center The wall might as
well have had a sign on it: Abandon all hope, ye who
enter here.  But he was a practical man.  Hard as it was
to admit, even to himself, he knew he was no match for the
amazon before him in a fair fight. He stalled as his eyes
cast about the yard in search of a weapon. Erotic massage center He picked up a
lawn chair and held it in front of him, its legs pointing
at the lady he feared.
He said, “I really don’t want to hurt anybody …”
“You had best hope that you don’t hurt me, Mr.
Snarco, for I would retaliate with great effect.”
She moved toward him slowly, and he backed away.
Suddenly she grabbed a bottom rung of the chair.  She
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pulled the chair forward but stepped beside it.  With
her right hand on the chair and her body facing the side
of the chair, she reached her left arm around Snarco’s body.
He held on to the chair with both hands, and she
pulled the chair one way and his body the other.
Slowly, inexorably, the chair came free of his grip.
Now she held it up in the air, out of his grasp as he
reached for it like a child reaching for a toy held by a
teasing adult.  Still she held him with one arm.
She tossed the chair away.  Erotic massage center “Your situation is
hopeless, Mr. Snarco. No weapon you can find will allow
you to contest with me on equal ground. The task is too
great for so small a man as you facing so great a woman as
I.  We go now.”  She forced him over to the wall.  “Up,”
she said.  Now he clearly had no choice.  He began to
climb. Erotic massage center He could not have made it over without the
woman’s hand placed under his rump projecting him upward.
Once at the top, he decided to run again, thinking she
would not see where he was going.  But she got to the top
of the wall faster than he could have imagined.
When she caught him — after a race through high
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brush that slowed the shorter man down far more than Babe,
who was in her element–she was, as promised, not  gentle.
As-she came up behind the running man, she raised her
foot and slammed it into his back, pushing him headfirst
into the weeds and rocks. Erotic massage center  As he lay there, she roughly
stripped his robe off his back, leaving him lying there
in only his swim trunks. In the process of half stripping
him, she turned him over onto his back.  She bent over
and grabbed his hair and forced him to sit halfway up.
Straddling him, she slapped his face hard
back and forth three times.  She still held his hair, and,
looking into his eyes, she said simply, “Accept your
But deep down she hoped he would not.  Not yet,
“It is not so terrible,” she said. And, to demonstrate,
she put her other hand under his chin, pulled the man to
his feet by his head and wrapped her arms around his head
and pulled his face into her bosom.
She was in no hurry. She held him there, allowing him
just barely enough air. He tried to push away from her,
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but she simply overpowered him.  His hands roamed up and
down her sides looking for something, though he didn’t really
know what.
He knew that he did not want to do anything that might
anger her further if he could help it.  Erotic massage center So he would not punch
her in the breast or kick her in the crotch, say. No sir, not
him.  He didn’t consider himself stupid, not Jimmy Snarco.
Besides, she was not exactly hurting him now.  He could
think of worse things than having his face smothered in
big, round boobs.  Felt pretty good, actually.  Better and
better.  She rolled his head around over her mounds.
Before long, the stings of her slaps that had shaken his
entire body were not even a memory. Erotic massage center  And the roaming of
his hands over the body that was mauling him was no longer
in pursuit of an escape.  His hands were discovering
and enjoying Babe’s abundant femininity as much as his
face and lips. Babe thought she recognized a subtle change
in the nature of Jimmy’s activity, and she smiled.  She
put her hands on his shoulders, pushed him away to arm’s
length and looked down at his crotch and confirmed her
suspicions of his arousal.  Now she was more enthusiastic
more [q=quit]

than ever about her little adventure.  She would have been
very disappointed if Jimmy Snarco turned out to be beyond
his sexual years.  But Jimmy was anything but that.
Now Jimmy stood in front of Babe frustrated by Erotic massage center the
sudden, premature discontinuation of their sexual
activity.  He wanted desperately to move back in on the
big, beautiful tease in front of him. She was standing there
with her hands on her hips smiling or, was it, sneering at
him. He was afraid of what she might do if he tried something.
He stood there opening and closing his fists in
involuntary releases of energy that accompanied his
frustration and indecision.  He leaned toward her and
started to move in several times.  But each Erotic massage center start was
false.  His instinct for survival would assert  itself,
and he would stop.
Babe relaxed in front of him, clearly
feeling very superior, clearly aware that she had aroused
the ardor of the great Jimmy Snarco, clearly enjoying her
ability to shut him off at her whim.
Finally his horniness and his male pride overcame
his good sense, and he made his move, lunging at Babe with
more [q=quit]

open arms.  She reached under one of those arms, grabbed
his shoulder and threw him over her big hip.  He flew through
the air and landed on his back and bounced.
She stood over him now with her foot on his neck.
“You wouldn’t try to take advantage of me, would you,
Mr. Snarco?” she asked. “I must discourage Erotic massage center that.”  She pulled
him to his feet by one arm.
“I won’t!  I won’t, honest!” he said.   But it was too
late.  She was swinging him in a wide circle by that arm.
When she let go, he went whirling, and he slammed into a
tree backwards.   He sank to his knees, and his head hung
He saw her feet — powerfully crushing what lay
under them, clearly impervious even to jagged stones and
glass. Then he felt her hand in his hair again.  She pulled
his head until he was looking up into her eyes, tears
forming at the corners of his eyes. Erotic massage center His chin was brushing
against the bottom of her crotch.
Babe said, “All sexual activity will be initiated by
me.  Is that understood, Mr. Snarco?”  He tried to nod,
but it came out more like a gulp. “Good,” she said.  “And
more [q=quit]

it will be ended by me and interrupted by me, entirely at
my whim, sort of the way your television program is
scheduled by you.  Is that understood?”  He gulped.
“Good.”  She put her hands under his armpits and lifted
him to his feet.  Her hand went inside his swimming
trunk as they stood there facing each other, and she
manipulated him, and he made no move…neither to stop her
nor to respond in kind.  He just stood there, as he knew
she wanted him to.  With light strokes, she aroused to him
another bout of fist opening and closing. Then she hurt him
then aroused him again, all as they stood there in the
woods facing each other, absolutely alone together.  She
removed her hand from his crotch, passed her finger under
his nose and patted him on the cheek, Erotic massage center acknowledging his
good behavior, his concession to her.
Then she bent over and picked him up by the waist and
hoisted him onto her right shoulder.  Her right hand
resting on his rearend like that, she carried him the rest
of the way to her boat, over another wall — her burden
hardly slowing her — through more thick brush, to a
beach.  She dumped him into the boat — lying flat on his
more [q=quit]

back on the floorboards — and took a seat herself on one
of the rower benches.  Her feet draped over him as she
began rowing.
He lay there.  He looked up at her creamy,
monumental legs, saw where they met Erotic massage center her rump, ran his eyes
back down to calves which were discordantly delicate at
points.  Her thighs, chest and biceps would expand to
frightening dimensions on every stroke much, he imagined,
like the waves, which were no match for her power.  He lay
there, feeling that his cowardice rendered him safe.  He
admired his view as her feet at times played absently with
his body. And he thought, they’ll never believe this ….

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