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26 April, 2016
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28 April, 2016

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It was Sunday night, and Ted was doing his hated weekly chore:
paying bills, balancing accounts, entering the data into his
spreadsheet. Oh, there was enough money, but Ted had a long
standing habit of making sure.

He and pretty black-haired young Teresa had returned from their
honeymoon earlier in the week, and there was an awful lot of
paperwork that had piled up on the den. Since it was Sunday
night, Ted reluctantly attacked the stack of bills. Teresa,
although half his age, was the love of his life — pretty,
intelligent, quick-witted, hard-working, comforting and,
occasionally, demanding in just the way he liked. She was in the
kitchen cleaning up after dinner and about to start on the

Ted knew he could use electronic means for paying bills, but he
did not want to yield control of his hard-earned dollars to an
impersonal machine that could, indeed, make mistakes. After an
hour of the drudgery — sorting bills by their due date, tearing
off those ridiculous advertising flaps from billing envelopes,
meticulously writing each check amount in the register — he put
his head in his hands and sighed. Then he called, “TEREEEEESA!”
She thought it sounded so sweet, but Ted meant his summons as an
expression of exasperation.

Teresa, wearing an apron over her Spandex slacks, bounced into
the den. “Let me show you something here, Teresa darling,” Ted
said, as he sat in his straight backed chair at the huge desk in
the den. She moved to his right to get a look at what he was

“Honey, I’ve never had this much trouble with the checking
accounts. And you know why?” Without waiting for a response, Ted
explained: “It seems you have written checks without recording
them, and according to the bank statement, you made six cash
withdrawals without recording them, either. Not only are my
records messed up, it looks as if you caused me to bounce TWO

“Oh, dear,” Teresa replied sympathetically. “I’m sorry. I thought
we had the money, and I guess I forgot. That’s why I married you,
sweetie,” she giggled. “To do all the important stuff,” she

“Except I can’t do the ‘important stuff’ if you don’t pay
attention to the checkbook. Of course we have the money, but that
isn’t the way the banking system works. And it’s not the way I
work,” he retorted sharply.

“Oh, pooh!” she said. “Your making a mountain out of a molehill!”

“Teresa,” Ted replied, now sounding more like her dad than her
lover and newly wed husband. “I am going to take the checkbook
away until you start remembering the ‘important stuff.’ And I
might have to limit your use of the credit cards!”

“C’mon, Ted,” she whined. “You know I’m no good at math. I’ll try
to pay attention this month.”

“Give me your checkbook, Teresa,” Ted commanded. “No! I won’t! I
have rights, too. Remember our vows?”

“Of course I do, Teresa,” he said. “And one of those vows was to
OBEY! Now give me the checkbook!”

“I will NOT.”

“Teresa, you are acting your age now,” Ted told her. “You are
acting like you were a bratty teenager.”

“Well, if you don’t like it, why don’t you ground me,” she asked

“I’ll do more than that, young lady,” Ted growled, suddenly
grabbing her arms, which had rested on the desk as she was bent
over looking at the pile of checks. In a well-practiced motion,
Ted slid his chair back away from the desk, and he hauled his
bride right across his lap, her apron flying up and her legs

“What are you doing!” she hollered. “What do you think. I’m going
to give you a spanking, and I am going to teach you to be more
careful.” Before she could protest further, his large right hand
had slapped her across the tight Spandex. SLAP!

“Owwww!! You can’t do this to me!” she yelled. “Well, I AM doing
it, and there is not much you can do about it,” Ted said, “except
to take it.” SMACK SPANK SPANK SPANK SMACK, he punctuated his
lecture about fiscal responsibility.

Teresa was really angry now, flailing her legs and pushing
against his thighs to get away. But Ted was strong — that’s what
attracted her to him in the first place. In a momentary lapse
between licks, Teresa managed to slide to the floor. Ted
responded by picking her up like a day-old kitten, standing her
up and pulling down her slacks, then her white lace panties. She
stood there naked from the waist down, face reddening and eyes
shooting laser beams at him.

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