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I know that the title I have chosen for this series of accounts
can be misleading.  It gives no explicit indication about what the
reader will shortly encounter.  So I will tell you.  It is my
story–the account of my private life.  For the first time really, it
is the melding of my public persona with the full reality of how I have
chosen to live, to indulge my imagination and to achieve the
realization of the fantasies of my youth.

I have little illusion about how  the reader will judge me.
Self-indulgent may be the most generous description I can hope for.
But at one level of reality I don’t care and at another level of
reality, I clearly do.  The part of me that wishes to share my story
with the reader is not inhibited  Erotic masssage tantra by concerns about others’ judgments;
the part of me that maintains the buffers that shield my lifestyle and
identity from the rest of the world acknowledges the consequences of
flouting norms of behavior.

Well so far I have been a bit abstract and I am anxious to start
but a bit of biographical data is necessary.

I am forty-three years old.  I am also quite wealthy.  My father
was a founder of a household-familiar kitchen appliance manufacturer.
When I was twenty-two and a second year law student, the business was
sold to an even larger public company and my family became that
entity’s largest single group of stockholders.  A year later I
inherited all those holdings.  I have sold much of the stock I
inherited and have invested the proceeds fairly diversely.  The last
time I looked (and I look reasonably often) I have about $115 million
invested in publicly traded securities, about $26 million in cash and cash
equivalents and about $65 million in less liquid inv
estments.  That my sound like a lot of money.  It is, but it is not so much money
that I have a highly visible public profile.  You would be surprised at
how many private fortunes in the U.S. exceed mine.

Access to wealth of course is one thing that makes me
different–it is also what makes my life as I live it possible.  Here
is how it began.

Beginnings – June 1977

I graduated from law school in 1976 and that fall joined a large
corporate law firm in New York.  After about six months, I knew I was
not cut out for this regimented practice.Erotic masssage tantra  First, I was beginning to
spend a lot of my time managing the investments I was starting to make.
Second, I did not need the salary I was earning as a new lawyer and I
did not need the possibility of advancing in the profession as the
means to secure my future.
Third, I was not crazy about the work.  The problems I dealt with were
dictated by the needs of my firm’s clients– not by what appealed to
me.  Fourth, I hated the loss of autonomy that working for the law firm
dictated.  I decided that I wanted to be my own boss, to set my own
schedule and spend full-time managing my investments.

But I also knew that there would have to be some regimentation in
my life. There was a period when I was in college when I lacked the
discipline to go to class and my grades had really deteriorated. Once I
got into the routine of forcing myself to go to classes, to go to the
library for study, all on a schedule, my grades rebounded.  I knew that
I could not leave myself the option of not having a set of obligations
each day.  That meant to me that I would rent an office, employ a
staff, and plan on showing up at work every day.

I hardly knew where to begin.  I knew I had to rent an office,
furnish it and hire the people who would work with me.  I started with
a first step.  I rented a suite of offices for a short-term (six month)
period.  I believed that I would use that time to get my systems in

My next step  then was to hire an executive assistant.  I
contacted a placement agency and described what I was looking for.  I
wanted someone more than a secretary; someone who could take charge of
the day to day business of running my office; someone who would hire
and supervise other clerical and support staff; someone who could do
the leg work on furnishing the office; Erotic masssage tantra I envisioned the quintessential,
efficient, all purpose gal Friday and that is what I described to the
agency.  There would be no problem in filling the position I was
assured, and I was promised a stream of pre-screened applicants to
interview the following week.

The first handful of candidates were hardly impressive, however.
Many of the candidates lacked polish.  Others seemed overly concerned
with being assured that they could leave promptly at 5:00 p.m.; others
did not seem to have the experience or the references to give me
confidence that they could fulfill the job’s requirements.  Then I met

Ann showed up for her interview precisely at 2:00 p.m.–the
scheduled hour.  Since I had yet to hire anyone to help me, I was
particularly annoyed at the inconvenience of juggling late applicants
appearing in my unattended reception area while I was conducting
interviews in my office.  Ann was about my age, perhaps a year older
than I was and extremely impressive by any standard.  The first
standard I noticed was her appearance.  Ann had
shoulder-length dark brown hair framing a fair and flawless
complexion.  Her eyes were brown and she was about 5’6″ tall.  She had
a wonderful figure, at least to my tastes, which meant that she was
considerably busty and simultaneously thin waisted.  I took note of
these things as we talked about her Erotic masssage tantra experience (she was managing the
New York office of a French chemical manufacturer) and the position I
was seeking to fill.  My eyes lingered at her chest, I thought
discretely, as I noticed the outline of the lace of her bra visible
through the translucent fabric of her blouse.  We talked a good bit
about the position and about my reasons for starting up t
he management company.  I described my vision of what I hoped to
achieve and talked about the role I had in mind for my assistant.  Ann
said she was interested and I was about to offer her the job, when she
said there was one problem–the pay was too low.

Now I had discussed salary with the placement agency and they had
said that the $35,000 a year I had in mind was high by then prevailing
standards.  Indeed they thought I would attract people to apply for the
job who were otherwise content in their present positions, but who
would be interested in moving simply for the increase in pay.

Ann was telling me otherwise, the advertised salary was too low,
that she was sure I would be getting what I wanted and needed if I were
willing to provide a more suitable benefit package.  I was impressed
with Ann’s competence, skill and professionalism (and appearance) and
rather than deflect the issue, I asked her what she had in mind.  As
closely as I can remember it this is what happened:

“Look,” Ann said “I want to be paid an annual salary of $100,000
a year and I know you will be very happy if you hire me to run  this
office for you, because I know exactly what you want.”

“There’s no way I would do that – – -” I started to say, but Ann

“While you think about it would you excuse me for a minute while
I use the ladies room?”

I directed Ann to the appropriate doorway and waited for her in
the reception area while I rued the fact that the ideal candidate had
priced herself out of the job.  After about a two minutes, Ann
reappeared and I notice
d immediately what had changed.  As Ann strode towards me there was a
bounce and shift and jiggle that I had not seen before and as she drew
within five feet or so I could see the pronounced imprint of her
nipples against
the fabric of her blouse. It was clear to me that she had gone to the
bathroom to take off her bra.  The audacity of that move had an
electric effect on me.  “You’re hired, Ann”  I said.  “How soon can you
start?”  “A we
ek from this coming Monday” was the reply.  And that is how we began.

First Moves

The electric image of Ann’s bobbling breasts bouncing along as
she walked toward me  when she emerged from the ladies room remained
imprinted in my mind over the ensuing week.  Why was this such a
powerful image?  I gues
s  because it was not within the range of my experience to have dealt
with such overtly and aggressively sexual Erotic masssage tantra women.  Sure by that time I
had experienced a series of relationships and girlfriends.  But they
were all wit
h relatively “normal” girls and women whose backgrounds were like mine
and our sexual activity was behind closed doors. Ann’s move seemed to
bridge two worlds, injecting overt sexuality into the world of daily
routine and
the thought of that marriage was one which had a powerful impact on

The Thursday before Ann was to begin work, she called to confirm
the details and timing of her arrival the next Monday.  We discussed
that she would spend the first few days trying to complete arrangements
with the vendors and suppliers who were needed and that she would set
up what was necessary to complete the hiring of the staff I needed.
Our conversation was totally business- like and I was wondering whether
I had let my judgment ab
out work be clouded by Ann’s actions the previous week.  But I knew
that no permanent, irretrievable commitments had been made and that if
things did not work out with Ann, I would go back to square one and
make a more conventional hire.

I was in the office the next Monday by 8:30–a half hour before
Ann was expected and a little earlier than I would usually have
arrived.  I was anxious to see how things would go.  Like clockwork, at
9:00 the door to the suite opened and there was Ann.  Ann was wearing a
light coat and was carrying a brown leather Erotic masssage tantra tote bag in addition to her
pocketbook.  After a quick hello, she went to the closet and removed
and then hung up her coat. Her back was to me as she did this and my
attention was certainly focussed on her.  I saw that she was wearing a
very dark brown leather skirt over hose and her top was a clingy
sweater of a lightweight wool material.  When she turned to face me it
was more than evident that she was, again, braless.  I heard her speak:
“Look, Bob, I told you that I know what you want and what you need and
you are not going to be unhappy that you have put me in charge of
running your office.”

I was in a bit of a struggle to maintain my composure: “Ann, we
have a lot to do . . .” I started to splutter.

“Bob,” she continued “listen to me for a bit, we need to get some
things out of the way.”

Ann took a few steps towards me.  “I know why you hired me.  You
were fascinated by the thought of my being around you all day long, and
of course there are these.” And as she uttered that last phrase she
took each of her hands and placed each on the lower outside surface of
each breast and supported each in her palms and sort of pushed them
forwards and up slightly, much as they would have been supported if she
were wearing a bra.

I was stone silent.

Ann was still talking. “Now I will tell you why I wanted to come
to work for you.”

“I think you can afford to pay me well and I know I have agreed
to work for $100,000 a year but I know you are going to want to pay me
more as you see the type of job I can do for you.”

“You also seem like someone who wants to succeed and who will
give me the chance to really make your business prosper.  I don’t think
this job will be boring for me and I won’t let it be Erotic masssage tantra boring for you.”

“But don’t get the wrong idea, I am not here for you to have sex
with at your whim– I am no whore — but I know there will be a sexual
component to our relationship and to how your office is run, but I will
set limits and I know you will respect them.”

“Ann,” I responded, “all I was looking for was an executive
assistant and I am a little at a loss as to how to deal with you.
Obviously I am intrigued by you but . . .”

She cut me off again. “Bob, just take it one step at a time and I
will show you what I have in mind.  I’ll show you — we don’t have to
talk it all out in advance.  Let’s just get on with our work and we can
talk about the events of the day at the end of the day. And what I’d
like to do now,” Ann added as she reached for the leather tote bag she
had brought with her and which I could see had various papers, pads and
personal effects, “is set up my desk and see if I can figure what is
what around here.”

I began to think that Ann was determined to really play with my
mind.  One minute there was business as usual, the next there was a
shockingly provocative act.  At that point I started to be a little
concerned that I was losing control of my new business and that perhaps
I had made a mistake.

Ann busied herself by unpacking her belongings at her desk.  Her
desk was in an alcove just off the reception area and outside of my
office.  I was seated in an armchair  in the reception area where I had
greeted Ann upon her arrival.  I remained there for about two or three
minutes while I entertained the notion that hiring Ann had been a
mistake.  I looked up as Ann addressed me.

“Bob, are we expecting anyone this morning?”

“No, why do you ask?”

Ann did not answer me directly.  Instead she strode purposefully
to the door to our suite.  I saw her try the door mechanism, make a few
adjustments and I realized that she had Erotic masssage tantra locked the door.  I had not
anticipated what she would do next.

In one swift motion, Ann crossed her arms, reached down and
taking hold of the bottom of her sweater lifted it over her head.  With
this one sudden move, Ann stood before me bare from the waist up.  Her
breasts were quite large, flaring slightly outward and capped with
lovely pink areolae with prominent nipples.  Every movement she made
caused her breasts to jostle and bobble in the most inviting way.
Despite the pendulous nature of her breasts she was not in the least
bit fat.  Her stomach was firm and there were no rolls of flab
overrunning the belt which was cinched at her waist.

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