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23 June, 2016
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29 June, 2016

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You ain’t fucking her hard enough if she still got enough energy to
holler!”  one of the crowd bellows out, to the raucous laughter of the
gathered men.

“Fuck you, my dick’s fat enough to Erotic massage make a corpse scream when I ream

More excited laughter.

The man currently balling the girl grabs her head between his hands,
slams his cock up into her in hard, pounding thrusts, a grin spreading
across his face as each long, slow, brutal raping jab of his dick
causes her to wince and cry and pull against the hands holding her
down Erotic massage

“Might as well kick back and enjoy it, bitch, there’s twenty or thirty
guys on line after me.

Tears, curses, only make him clutch her flat little titties and pound
his meat in her snatch even Erotic massage harder.

“Struggle bitch, your little pussy really sucks at my dick when you
fight like this, it feels _great_.” Erotic massage He laughs cruelly, continues
balling, grunting, from the angle of the third camera I have a perfect
shot of his balls slapping against her pussy, of his admittedly
monstrously fat cock battering her cunt.  He comes, grunting and
clawing at the girl’s tits, his cum dribbling slowly out of her young

Another man takes his place between her legs, and then another, and
another. Erotic massage The cum leaking out of her snatch is forming a puddle
between her spread legs; her struggling is weakening, the men have let
go of her arms as one after another of the crowd takes their turn
fucking the fresh piece of girlmeat I’ve supplied them with.

I’m mesmerized by the motion of her body as cock after cock pounds
into her lower body; the way her small breasts jerk towards her face
as the cock in her pussy slams into her, the way her neck and back
arch, the wince of pain as cockhead contacts cervix, her head twisting
from side to side I re-run the tape in slow-motion to appreciate the
fine physics of a good long, vicious gang-bang.

During one long stretch,Erotic massage someone pulls the exhausted girl up off the
floor and bends her over the edge of the table.  She pulls an
hour-long agonizing ass-train then; although nearly two hours into her
ordeal, exhausted, bruised, her inner thighs showing signs of chafing
as countless hairy thighs have ground non-stop against her soft flesh
as they drive the cocks stretching her tight young pussy. Erotic massage  The little
bitch manages to find the reserve energy to shriek non-stop and
struggle futilely as she is held down, bent over the table, as cock
after cock is punched brutally through her asshole, her ass fucked
hard and deep, her firm fleshy buttocks flattening on impact as the
balls of her rapists slap wetly against the cum leaking from her
swollen twat, her mound driven painfully into the edge of the table by
each and every thrust in her ass.

One of the men has an especially vicious style, he loops one finger
into the ring of the girl’s choke-chain, pulling back as he rams into
her, her cries end in a strangled gurgle, she gasps, struggles for
air, and shrieks as he Erotic massage  slaps her thigh on the out-stroke; by the time
he has come her neck is beginning to show a red and purplish ring, the
side of her right thigh is swollen and bruised where he has slapped
her, and he has fucked her so hard her ass is bleeding again.  I
feared he’d ruptured her in his frenzy, and yet his particular style
is so exciting I came when he did, though I tried to pull back and
stall my orgasm.

The rest of the session is only more of the same; many of the men come
back for seconds, even thirds. Erotic massage Interestingly, none of the men has
been brave enough to attempt oral penetration, after the considerable
spirit she exhibited early on in her initiation, I’m sure they were
afraid she’d bite them.  This is something I’ll have to teach her
myself; the thought makes me smile.

When they are all finally too exhausted to get it up and there are no
more new takers, the remaining few amuse themselves by fisting her ass
and cunt, which are Erotic massage by then loosened up considerably, and I spend a
long hard evening slowly wanking myself back to the brink of ecstasy,
to the slowly softening cries of the young girl in room number 4.

It’s the best initiation I’ve yet produced, and the film will be worth
a fortune on the black market.

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