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28 febrero, 2016
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23 junio, 2016

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Shifting his pack, he found his eyes drawn ever back to the
large stainless steel ring that would, when the machine came to
life, open to a view not of the innards of a machine, but to the
vistas of a new world.  Absently, he reached down and scratched the
ears of the large dog next to him.  It had taken some doing to get
the Gate council to allow Lady Stardancer to join him, as the
general rule had always been humans only, with the exception of
occasional farm animals.  But in the end, he had won out, and Star
was by his side as always.  He noticed the occasional glances from
the other group members and smiled inwardly.  Stardancer had held
his fascination since she was a puppy he had found in a shelter.
Standing almost to his waist at the shoulder, long, silky hair
cascaded down from an intelligent face, almost like a collie’s,
but without the oversharp muzzle.  Tulip shaped ears and the
mottled blacks, browns, and whites also told of her collie
ancestry.  She looked up at him affectionately and he rubbed under
her chin.
It was his love for Stardancer, and his attraction to all
animals that brought him, or rather drove him, to the gate. Running
from a world that could not accept even love among it’s own kind,
much less between two different species.  He had scrimped and saved
for the outrageous price of a trip through the gate, a chance at
a world away from humans and their attempts to force their ‘moral’
codes onto him, unwilling to understand or believe his love.  In
the pack that each member of his group carried was all the

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