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Massage in Barcelona
22 April, 2016
Barcelona Massage
26 April, 2016

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Robin was telling him to imagine that she was Cathy (me) and that I
was going to beat him off.   She described my body in detail  (although
she had never seen  me nude) quite accurately  and took Robbie’s  hands
for a tour of her own body.  I opened my jeans and slipped my hand down
the front of my panties to my clit  and pussy lips.  I began to  stroke
my way to the inevitable climax while I watched Robin masturbate  every
part of Robbie’s body except his cock.  She poured some more oil,  this
time directly on his cock,  and Robbie arched up  from the table.   She
grasped his cock and began to rub one  hand up and down his seven  inch
shaft while the palm of the other hand rubbed on the head of his  cock.
It was more than either Robbie or I could handle, and we came at  about
the same time.  He  was spurting all over his  chest and stomach and  I
had to hold on to the curtain in  order to stand up.  Robin rubbed  her
tits across his chest  and stomach, drenching her  nipples in his  cum,
and then massaged it into her flesh.

I  recovered  my  composure  before  Robbie  and  was  off  to  the
supermarket, although with the germ of a  plan in my mind.  On the  way
home, I worked out  my plan, and I  stopped by Fredrick’s of  Hollywood
and purchased a wet-look black string bikini.

When I returned,  both kids were  in their swim  gear, although  it
really didn’t hide much, and I said hello and explained that I would be
out after I put the groceries away.  I went to my room and stripped  in
front of the  full length mirror.   I  pulled the rubber  band from  my
long, blond pony tail  and let my  hair hang down straight.   I used  a
brush to get the  kinks out, and  the feel of  the bristles against  my
sensitive nipples  made them  erect and  hard.   I put  the new  bikini
around my waist  and adjusted the  bottom so  that most of  my ass  was
showing, and then put the bra on.  It was only a strap which was  about
three inches wide, so it  couldn’t hold all of  my breasts.  About  two
inches of the tender, white underside of my tit was exposed along  with
about four inches of the tanned top of my breast.  I put on high heeled
sandals and practiced prancing and strutting.

Robbie’s eyes got wide when I strutted out on to the deck, and I
knew that he could see some of my blond pussy hairs peeking out of  the
skimpy bottom, and he could now see  the shape of all he had been  told
about while being jacked off.  I kept my eyes on his crotch, and I know
that he knew it.  I went into  the pool to make sure that the suit  had
an even wetter  look and  then lay  down on  the chaise.   I  carefully
adjusted the strings, ostensibly to be demure, but really to make  sure
that both Robbie  and Robin could  see as  much as possible.   I  asked
Robin to  rub  some  suntan lotion  on  me.   She  began,  but  I  said
(according to my plan) that she wasn’t rubbing hard enough, and I asked
Robbie to take over.   His hands were trembling  as he poured oil  into
his palms and began  to stroke my  thighs and stomach.   Every time  he
came near my crotch, it was all I could do to not grab his hand and rub
myself off.  I took his hand and  moved it to my stomach and guided  it
toward my breasts.  His fingers  grazed the soft skin on the  underside
of my tits, and I told him to make sure that he got them covered  since
they hadn’t been exposed to  the sun before.   His fingers dug into  my
skin as he rubbed harder and harder, and my bra slipped up on my breast
until the red circles around my nipples were exposed.  His hand brushed
my nipples and I pulled his hand under my top, letting my hard  nipples
poke into his palm.   I was  so hot that  I had to  find relief, and  I
pulled the crotch of my bikini  bottom tight against my clit and  began
to hunch the  material up  and down.   I  climaxed and  could feel  the
wetness dripping out of my pussy into the material of the bikini, and I
reached over and stroked Robbie’s cock.

I quickly got up and guided him to the table and pulled his  trunks
down to his ankles, covering his eyes with  a towel.  I removed my  top
and began to repeat the same words  as Robin had used earlier, but  now
it was a big, grown up Cathy in person.  I used my hands and nipples on
his cock, but when he began to  squirt his cum, I placed my mouth  over
the end of his cock and drank his fluids.  I suctioned as much cum as I
could get and let my  mouth draw up and down  his shaft.  I pulled  off
and walked to  Robin, taking her  in my  arms and kissing  her with  my
mouth and tongue.  Since I hadn’t swallowed all the delicious sperm, my
tongue transferred some to her waiting mouth.

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