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27 May, 2016
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Julie and I were a perfect pair, I was dominant, she was
submissive, and we both loved bondage and light S&M.  But now,
Julie lives a thousand miles away and I couldn’t afford to give up
my six digit income to go with her.  Similarly, I couldn’t expect
her to give up her opportunity to Full body massage Barcelona make it big and stay with me.  So
we agreed that we’d see each other when we could and go on with
our lives.

That was three months ago and I miss her terribly!  The guys
knew that I was feeling low, so this adventure was for me.

I figured that I’d leave early so I drove myself there.  We
arrived at the strip bar and it was a full house.  The bar had
the reputation of having lots of gorgeous Full body massage Barcelona and uninhibited girls and
I wouldn’t admit it, but I was looking forward to this outing.

There were three stages and all three had a girl gyrating to
the pounding music in various stages of undress.  As we made our
way through the crowd to find a table, there were three topless
beauties working the floor, flapping their tits in faces and
letting the patrons stuff bills in their panty covered crotches.

All the girls were knockouts and when we found a table a
waitress was at our table asking what we’d like to drink.  My
eyes left the girl on the stage and focused on the waitress.  She
was beautiful, and dressed in a Full body massage Barcelona skimpy maids uniform.  One of the
guys blurted out three pitchers of beer and she was off to get

I watched as she left and took in all her charms.  Her uniform
barely covered her bikini clad bottom and her panties exposed
most of her two perfectly formed ass cheeks.

I felt my groin start to stir and watched her all the way to
the bar.  I returned my attention to the stage and watched the girl
remove her bra and was stimulated further when I saw that she had
both nipples pierced and looped!

Our waitress returned with our pitchers and even though the
pierced beauty on stage started playing with her nipples, my
attention was diverted to our waitress.

She was enticing and I just stared at her as she bent over and
delivered us our pitchers.  Full body massage Barcelona The outfit she had on revealed her
ample cleavage and as she bent over her breasts spilled from her
uniform, held in only by a frilly white bra.

She looked right at me, smiled and said, “like what you see?”
and I replied, “they’re beautiful!”  She stood up and it was then
that I noticed the thin leather collar around her neck.

“Nice outfit,” I commented, “and I like your little collar.”
She smiled and reached up and touched the leather and grabbed its
small attached ring.  “My ex-boyfriend gave it to me and even
though I parted with him, I can’t part with this.”  “It’s as
beautiful as you,” I said.

My dick went hard, my pulse quickened and I stammered to say
something else as she turned and Full body massage Barcelona walked away but I was glad the
music had drowned out my blubbering.  I watched her ass again as
she walked away and wondered.

As I looked up to the girl on the stage I was mesmerized as she
started pulling on her nipple rings.  She pulled so hard that her
tits changed shape and her nipples extended from her tits and
inch or better!

“I’ve got’em too,” I heard someone whisper in my ear and I
turned around to see our waitress beside me!  “Yes and..?” I asked
her curiously.

“My nipples are pierced too,” she said privately, “and I love
to have mine pulled too.” Full body massage Barcelona I boldly asked, “do you like

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