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18 August, 2017
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Why should you hire a professional masseuse?

The art of massage is a manual technique of relaxation and healing that is more than 5,000 years old and there are many benefits that offer us. Having a massage therapist will bring us many benefits. Already in ancient civilizations, such as China and Greece, it was used for therapeutic purposes to relieve muscular pain and prevent and cure disease. Nowadays, it has also become very popular in our society and there are many different types of massages, coming from East and West and made by a massage therapist.

The therapeutic massage fulfills a stimulating function of the immune system, as it helps to eliminate toxic waste substances that accumulate in our muscles due to excessive exertion, tension or the ingestion of a continuous medication. For this, it is important to have a good massage therapist.

Do you want an erotic massage?

How masseuses manipulate your body

Through the various movements of the massage, such as stretching, rubbing, kneading, etc., the muscles lighten the tension and increase blood circulation, thus speeding up the process of eliminating toxic waste and increasing the ability to bring nutrients to the cells.

By improving circulation, more blood and fresh oxygen reaches the tissues, increases the production of white and red blood cells in the blood, and improves the circulation of lymphatic fluids. This helps the body recover more quickly from illness.

It is also demonstrated that the touch of the massage therapist stimulates the immune system. The balanced and curative physical contact between a good therapeutic masseur and the patient is very beneficial, since the person receiving the massage feels cared for and protected by the therapeutic masseur. In addition, in a relaxed environment and with the help of the therapist, emotions such as shame, guilt, fear and loneliness can arise and be addressed in the session. Let’s remember that emotions are in our bodies. If we release our emotions, we release our body from burdens.

The importance of massage in our society

We have presented the history of massage as a therapy, demonstrating that humanity has always benefited from its therapeutic effects. We explain the beneficial effects of massage therapy on the skin, circulatory system, muscular system, osteoarticular system, digestive system, nervous system and metabolism of the organism. We also develop how it helps in the healing of more than forty conditions and surgical periods. We also mention the special applications it has in elderly people, small children and pregnant women. In the end, we conclude that science shows us that massage has undeniable therapeutic benefits.

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