outcall massage
3 March, 2016
outcall massage barcelona
6 March, 2016

hotel massage

if you wanna join a peerdfecet massage in your hotel, jus have to call us!!

outcall massage is our special service for you

Do you want an erotic massage?

She’s dressed in a flowing blue dress, her hair
is down around her shoulders, long and brown and
shining clean. Her breasts are large under the
dress, she’s taken off her bra. Her stomach
round, her hips wide. She smiles at me.

I smile back. My cock is hardening again, it’s
been hard and soft all the way over. She’s a
friend of mine and my wife’s. She’s been wanting
a child for awhile now, not finding the right
man. Not the right available man. But I’m her
friend. And my wife is a giving woman

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She shudders as I tongue a nipple, hard under
the thin slippery material of her dress. I trace
a finger lazily around one, and it gets harder,
my other hand slipping down to cup one ass
cheek. Her ass is large, and round, and soft.

We kiss some more, we have all night, and I want
her to be ready, good and ready, I want her so
wet and hot that we glide together sweet and
easy and hard and lovely. We kiss for a long
time. My cock is hard and leaking a tiny bit,
pressed into her belly. I begin to rub it
against her.

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