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went back to her dorm room to do some studying.  She could not stop
thinking, however, about getting a pair of handcuffs.  At one of the
parties, she had heard one of the girls mentioning that the kids in town
bought them at Johnson’s hardware down the street from campus.
She decided to go down there and buy some.  She told her roommate
where she was going. Interactive body massage “I’m going down to Johnson’s Hardware to buy a pair
of handcuffs for my sorority,” she said.
Kathy her roommate, not affiliated with a sorority was aghast.
“You’re kidding!  I can’t believe you would let them put those things on
“They’re not so bad,” laughed Roxanne.  “You can try them on when I
get back.”
“No way, Jose!” said Kathy.
“See you later,” said Roxanne over her shoulder as she walked out the
She had put on a rather sexy outfit. Interactive body massage She wore red short pants, a
white long sleeved shirt with a high collar, a lacy bodice, and sheer
sleeves and strap-on black high heel sandals.  She got more than a few long
looks from passing cars on her short walk to the hardware store.
When she walked into the store, it seemed rather typical of a small
town hardware store.  A young man approached her.  “May I help you?” he
inquired politely.
“Yes,” replied Roxanne, “I would like to buy a pair of handcuffs.”
“Certainly,” he said, “You must be Interactive body massage with a sorority.  This is the time
of year that we make sure we are well stocked with such items.  Tell, me
what kind did you have in mind?”
“Well, I really wasn’t aware there was more than one kind.”
“There certainly are.  There are the lightweight, easy to carry in a
purse or pocket type, the maximum security type with a special key, the
cheap riveted kind, and the standard ten ounce type which are the most
popular,” explained the young man.
“Well,” said Roxanne, “I’d like to Interactive body massage see the lightweight, the maximum
security and the standard types.”
“Here they are,” he said.  “If you have any questions, please don’t
hesitate to ask.”
“Which are the hardest to get out of,” asked Roxanne.
“Well, they are all impossible when properly applied, but a person
with a key can get out of all but the maximum security, unless they have a
key specifically for that serial number.  Of course, the handcuff company,
if you send them the serial number, will send Interactive body massage just about anybody a key.
You need to be careful there.  Not many people carry around a regular
handcuff key though, much less a max-security key.”
“I’d like to try these on,” asked Roxanne, indicating the maximum
security handcuffs.
“Certainly, in front or behind your back?”
“Well, with my hands ‘cuffed in front of me, I really couldn’t be said
to be handcuffed, could I?” she laughed Interactive body massage as she turned her back to him and
placed her wrists behind her.
He took her wrists and applied the ‘cuffs the way Rex had, with her
palms outward and very tightly between her wristbone and hand.
Several customers walked into the shop, and the phone rang.  “Excuse
me,” said the young man and ran to answer the phone.
Roxanne tried to escape the ‘cuffs, but found them intractable.  With
her hands ‘cuffed behind her, she examined the various types that the
attendant had produced.  There was no Interactive body massage way she was going to buy the cheap
riveted kind.  They looked like you could pry them open with a crowbar or
something.  She really liked the seven ounce lightweight kind best.  They
were made out of polished aluminum.  She tried to reach up to the counter
to feel them to see how much lighter they were than the ten ounce kind, to
see if the extra expense was justified.  She had to turn to the side and
pull her linked arms up behind her back.
“You look like you are in a bit of a bind, Roxanne,” said a voice
behind her.  It was Ron, the boy from her economics class!  “Can I help you
with something?”
Roxanne, somewhat flustered but trying not to be embarrassed
explained, “Well, I was just trying to Interactive body massage decide which of these handcuffs to
buy for the sorority business that I am involved in.”
“It looks like the ones that you have on are doing a pretty good job.
They sure improve your posture,” Ron said.
“Thanks,” Roxanne blushed, looking over her shoulder for the
attendant.  “It looks like the store attendant is too busy to let me go,
can you find the key and release me?”
“Well, let’s see,” said Ron.  He took the box, turned it away from
Roxanne. “No, there aren’t any keys in here.  I’d bet he’ll be finished in
a minute.  Let’s see what these look like.”  He moved around behind her to
examine her handcuffs.  “Boy, these look like the best ones that you have
on.  They look totally inescapable.  Interactive body massage Why would you get these others if you
could get these?”
“They each have certain advantages.  I really like the lightweight
idea, because during pledgeship, I think that they are used quite often.
Some girls are even required to carry them around for active’s use on
demand.  With my luck, I’ll probably have to.  In such case, the
lightweight would be best.  But I like the idea of maximum security,
particularly if they are used on someone else,” she said ruefully, pulling
her joined hands up to the middle of her back.
“It looks to me like you never would get out of those in a million
years.  I have an idea, can I buy you lunch?”  asked Ron.
“Well, maybe, but I have a class in an hour and a half.  It will have
to be a quick one,” replied Roxanne.
“I’ll make you a deal: I’ll pay for Interactive body massage the maximum security ‘cuffs, if
you’ll wear them during lunch.  That way, you can get the lightweight and
the maximum security and have a spare pair in case you need them.”  Ron
“Well, how would I eat?”  Roxanne laughed, shaking the handcuffs
behind her back.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that,” said Ron.
“Allright, but you’ll have to take me to my class,” agreed Roxanne.
Roxanne felt easy around Ron, even though she was in Interactive body massage handcuffs.  To see a
girl around campus in handcuffs this time of year was not at all unusual,
due to the pledge season, and she thought that she might as well get used
to it because she might be spending a lot of time bound over the next
several months in fulfillment of her pledge requirements.
The store attendant came over, and asked if Roxanne had decided on
what he wanted.  Ron spoke up.  “Yes, I would like to purchase the
handcuffs that the lady is wearing and she would like to buy the
lightweight handcuffs.  Where are Interactive body massage the keys for these on her?”
“Right here in the box,” replied the attendant.
Ron smiled at Roxanne, and Roxanne blushed, realizing that he had
played a gentle dupe on her.
“Good”, said Ron, “you can box up the lightweight ones, but she’ll
wear mine out.”
This didn’t seem at all unusual to the attendant, who prepared two
packages, but the maximum security box was empty because the handcuffs were
firmly locked behind the back and on the wrists of Roxanne.  Ron handled
the payment, and the attendant said, “Next week, we will be getting in a

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