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8 January, 2016
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17 January, 2016

Lingam Tantra Massage

Not everyone knows what a lingam massage is. It is a very technical term used by professionals of massage that comes from the tradition of tantra massage.

In tantric philosophy ‘lingam’ means “light wand” and is used to refer to the penis. The lingam massage is not only a genital massage, but it comes with a whole series of tantric techniques. The aim pursued with the Lingam massage can vary: the search for the connection with who are doing the massage (in many cases will be our sexual partner), to have more control over our bodies and our sexual energy… The physical consequence of a lingam massage is usually the happy ending or sexual pleasure through orgasm, but this massage other aspects such as sensory experience through body work, activation of sexual energy and almost meditative state of relaxation of mind.

Do you want an erotic massage?

The idea of ​​a lingam massage goes far beyond mere sexual enjoyment of the moment. It is about creating a space of comfort and relaxation for the pleasure which the recipient receives through his lingam multiply. In this massage tantra man’s role is passive and relaxation. It has to focus on receiving pleasure from his side more receptive and intimate, not trying to take control


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