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8 June, 2016
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16 June, 2016

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It was getting to be that time again, when I was sitting here itching
to get another fantasy on paper. So I sat down today and created this one.
Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it.

It had been a hard week, we all were totally stressed with work ,with
the kids and the fact that there never is enough time to get things done
the way we want them to. massage barcelona I started to feel like the house was falling in
on my head. It had been a very difficult day. The boss was mad, my kids
were mad and my husband was also not in the best of moods. It was one of
those days, when you just want to put it all behind you and start a new
live somewhere new, but know you can’t.

On my way home I spotted this sign seemingly screaming out to me ,
almost calling my name, “come in, this will help you forget your troubles,
if just for the moment”. massage barcelona I was drawn to it with a magical force, which I
can’t explain. I was not usually like this, attracted by “Massage
Parlors”. I often had dreams about them and wondered what it would be
like, but never had the guts to actually go inside and see for myself.
Me, embarrassed to rent a x-rated videos, but dieing to see then once
there brought home.

I kept rationalizing in my mind, that it could just be what it said ”
Therapeutic Massage”, and that it would feel so good just having someone
massage my tense shoulders and make me relax and forget that I had a life
other than what I really wanted
right now. “hmmmm? ”

I somehow could not just go in and see what it was all about, without
checking it out for a while from a safe distance. massage barcelona I saw many people go in
and out, most of them were male, but there were some female customers as
well. So, made brave by this fact and just dieing to know what it was
all about, parked the car and started to slowly walk up the walkway
towards the building with its big flashy sign.

Before finally getting to the door, I must have turned back at least
4 or 5 times, but somehow, and I can’t explain why, I was drawn to this
place. I walked in and to my surprise, it looked pretty businesslike. A
very attractive receptionist wa s sitting at her desk looking up at me as
I walked in, “Hello, can I help you?”massage barcelona I, kind of shy, replied ” yes
sure, I am here to inquire about your services”, boy that must have
sounded stupid huh? grin.

Oh well, it seemed, she had heard it all before, with a slight
smile she handed me this paper and explaining it, she added ” this will
tell you the rates and what we have to offer, you can have a seat right
there and look trough it, to see if this is what your looking for” I
took the procure out of her hand, turned, sat down to study it

I read all about the place, who founded it, and so on and so on,
then about what type of therapeutic massages and what they were going to
do for your body, explaining the muscles of the human body and so on. I
felt really embarrassed to say the least. massage barcelona This place was really legit,
and I was letting my imagination run wild once again. God, how come I was
always fantasizing about sex and everywhere I went saw sex in the
background ?

I started to feel really silly, but since I was here, I decided to
have one anyway. It sounded so good to have someone rub and massage my
body, at least my shoulders and neck. I walked up to the receptionist and
asked ” Is it possible to request a female masseuse? ” She replied, “of
course but if they are all busy we do have some male, but mostly female.”
With that in mind, I agreed and took a seat to wait my turn.

I picked up this magazine to pass the time, which to my surprise was
Playgirl Magazine,”wow” I thought, here? massage barcelona Boy, they have some nerve to
leave this laying around. I was still under the impression that this was a
legit place, boy was I about to find out differently.

All of a sudden I heard my name called and since it was a female
voice, I had no hesitations at all, going with her down the corridor. I
listened, but heard nothing and remember wondering why that was? Where none
of the people talking ? hmmm ?

We reached our destination very quickly, entered this small but very
tasteful decorated room. It did not at all seem like the office of a
medical professional. It was light and airy, and very tastefully done.
The air smelled very exotic and I was wondering what type of
air-freshener they were using. massage barcelona I looked around and saw a nice comfortable
looking table in the middle of the room, with chairs in the corner and a
curtain providing some privacy as you undressed.

She handed me a white robe and asked me to get undressed and slip on
the robe. I was wondering why she was studying me up and down, but pushed
that idea right out of my mind. I said ” ok just give me a few, I will be
ready for you in one minute”, she looked at me a little puzzled and
replied, ” ohh , sorry , but your masseuse will be with you in a little
while, just go ahead and get on the table face down, I will put on some
nice relaxing music for you to listen to while you wait”. With that s he
slipped out the door and I was left to wonder who would be that person
touching almost every inch of my body?

I started to undress and was again fascinated about, what if massage barcelona Again
my mind was playing tricks on me, I slipped off my skirt and blouse,
tossing them on the chair. I wanted to hurry up so I would be ready, and
not caught off guard. My hands were brushing against my nipples as I took
off my bra, hmmm, it made me so hot just thinking about “what if”? I
licked my fingertips and let them run over my hard nipples making them
even harder. I moaned as i reached down to pull my panties down, they
were all wet from all the excitement and my desire.

I knew what a turn on my panties were for my husband and how he loved
to smell my scent in them. I had caught him one day, lifting them up to
his nose, and remembered thinking “wow”, what is he doing with them? massage barcelona What
is he thinking as he is smells them”? With that in mind, I pulled them up
to my face and inhaled very deeply, I could smell myself and it even
turned me on. I wondered what I would do if I were a man right now. I took
them closer to my mouth and tried to taste them and to my surpris e I
could. hmmmm, my tongue was tasting just a faint taste of me and it
really made my juices flow to think that he had probably done the same
that day.

I finished taking all of my clothes off and slipped into the robe,
tying it snugly around my waist. Deciding it would be better not to be
totally bare, i put my panties back on. It was afterall a professional
place. I was ready for her now, so I hoped on the table, resting my face
on my arms and enjoying the music. massage barcelona It felt so good, so relaxing and I was
so tired. I remember wondering why it was taking so long for her to get
here and with that I dozed off to my fantasy land. I was dreaming of how
it would feel, if someone were to give my an entire body massage and then
rubbing my clit and breasts. I know I must have been moving my hips
around on the table because I knew I often came in my dreams.

I have no idea how long I was sleeping but I awoke to very gentle but
firm hands rubbing my back over and over and the smell of Babylotion.
Hmmmm, did this feel good, my body was so relaxed, I was not sure if this
was dream or if it was real? I tried to turn around to see who was my
gentle masseuse, but was told in a very sexy masculine voice, ” no, that
is ok, please don’t turn around”. massage barcelona I was totally shocked by that voice. I
was expecting a female, not a male and I immediately got tense. But him
doing such a skilful job and quickly assuring me that he was very
professional and to just try to relax.

I tried to follow his instructions, first very hesitantly but then
more so, as time went on. This was a dream come true, someone was
massaging my shoulders and neck and back without tiering over and over. I
felt him stop every once in a while to add more oil. It felt so cold when
it was dribbling on my back and then it ran down to my but, into the crack
of my cheeks. “my cheeks!” I screamed in my mind, I have not clothes on?
immediately tried to turn around again, but his hands held me down with a
gentle push “Sorry just a minute not quite done yet with your upper back”,
he replied to my sudden anxiety. massage barcelona But I don’t remember taking my robe off?
thinking to myself. And what happend to my panties?

I remember thinking” this voice sounds so familiar ,but could not
place it at the time. Little did I know then, but I knew this voice, it
was just that I had only heard it on the phone which changes it just a
little. hmmm?

I played along and at last, finally totally relaxed again. His hands
very moving up and down my back, running down firmly on the sides of my
body, and he seemed to know exactly where to not rub to hard or where it
would feel uncomfortable “sigh” I wish I could take a look at this
stranger, with his sexy voice and those great hands. I tried hard to peek
around every time he was reaching for more lotion. massage barcelona But every time I
tried, he saw me do it, and immediately started again. It seemed like I
felt his hands all over. He moved his hands down to my but and I
immediately started to tense up again. He assured me that it was just
part of the massage and to relax. Hmmm? I had a hard time not to
experience sexual feelings from his hands all over my body and was
wondering if he was going to ask me to turn around at one point . I was
dieing to see what he looked like. I knew he was slim and tall, I could
see the shadow of his statue on the wall. I knew he had very big hands
and was very gentle, but also strong.

I felt his hands get closer and closer to my inner thigh and then
move upward, but then stopping, as if there had been some invisible force
field blocking him. massage barcelona I could not help but wish for him to move past that
point, but knew it was not possible.

I keept thinking back to the dream I was having, just before I felt his
hands massaging my back. I was all wet and hoped his hands would not find
out about my little secret, about my exotic desires, and the thought of
hiding something from him, turned me on even more.

I kept thinking of my dream, what I had done to make myself cum. My
hands were caressing my breasts, so silky, my nipples so hard. I licked
one of my fingers that had just been in my cunt hmmmm, how good. I let my
finger glide over my nipple and it send shock waves off in my body, going
all the way down to my pussy, hmm, my other hand was reaching down to my
wet pussy, still aching with the orgasm I just had. massage barcelona Finding it wet, my
clit all hard, still ready to go again, over and over, hmm. I slid my
hand down, opening my lips to reach, hmmm how wet, how intoxicating, my
fingers found their way into my steaming hot cunt, first only one, then
two hmm, then more. I seemed like I could not get enough.

I pretended it was you pumping me with your hard, thick rod, my other
hand was pulling my nipple and playing with it and together we were making
me close to coming again, hmm. My fingers were raging deep inside me
while my thumb was finding my clit and flicking it over and over.

I wanted to feel more, putting one more finger inside my cunt, I
started to move my hips up and down, aiding my hands to bring me close
again, hmmmm. massage barcelona Faster and faster, my other hand was almost hurting my
nipples now, pulling and stretching them, almost beyond the threshold of
pain. “Oh god”. I could feel the juices running down my leg “hmm”

It was getting harder and harder to keep this up, I wanted to feel
more, and deeper. My hand raging deep inside faster and faster, I lifted it
out to see what I would taste like, at the glorious point of cumming,
“hmmm”, how sweet and how wet, how delicious. I made myself cum touching
my clit once more. I imagined to be in your arms and fall into a
satisfying slumber just feeling the gentle breeze coming in trough the
open window cooling our bodies, gently cooling our passions. “sigh”, what
a dream !

I come to my senses again and remember where I am, god, I did it
again, drifted off again. I feel his hands kneading and rubbing my legs
now and I wonder if he can smell my passion.massage barcelona He must be, I know how
intoxicating it can be, I knew how Ted always liked having his face in my
pussy and how he sighed and moaned when I got really wet and turned on. He
must be smelling it, and yet he was not trying anything. But then how
could he, he was a professional, he would not dear to.

Up to this point, I still had not seen his face, all I could see were
his hands which brushed by my face, almost like a shadow on the wall. I
must admit, I was intrigued to know more, but also afraid. I could hear
him breathing and feel his strength through his hands on my body.
Somehow, I could not help but wonder how it would be, him lapping at my
pussy and making love to me. How would he taste? hmmm?massage barcelona I kept wondering
about all of this, while his hands were moving in a peculiar rhythm up and
down my inner thigh, moving closer and closer to my wet crotch. And
every time he got close, I moved my legs further together as if that would
keep him from finding out.

He assured me however that all this was part of the therapeutic
massage, hmmm? At times, I could actually feel his hand brush the outer
lips of my pussy and my body would twitch. I was not sure if this was
done by accident, or was it done very deliberate. One thing I did know,
it was driving me nuts. I was getting to the point, where I wanted him to
touch me. What could I loose, I did not know this person and probably
would never see him again. massage barcelona The thought was gone from my mind as quickly
as it had come and I was back in reality.

I could hear his breath exerting more strenuous as he was working
harder to kneed my back muscles and was wondering if he was really getting
turned on, and at a point I thought I could feel something hard pressing
against my leg. But was not sure, was this again my imagination? By now
I was listening intently for every one of his breath, trying to find out
if it was real or not. And the more I tried to listen the more I was
convinced that he was very turned on and had quite a time containing himself.
I of course, did not help matters any by moving my but around in very
slight movements every time his hand moved up my inner thigh.

Now he was changing positions and started to climb on the table
straddling me with his muscular legs. With much of my fake protest , I
might add. But again in that voice that sounded so familiar to me, he
assured me that it was just part of it all.

I felt his hands moving up and down my back and sides and at times felt
him getting very close to my boobs which were pressed to the side by my
body’s weight. I felt his hands moving across them making me wild with
the desire to have him touch more. massage barcelona

Then all of a sudden, I felt his hands go under my body and cup each
one of my large breasts. ” oh my god” I was sighing in relief. I was so
hot, I did not protest anymore. I felt his strong arms embrace me and his
hot breath on my neck. He was kissing my neck and letting his tongue run
up and down the middle of my back, while pressing my tits from underneath.
I was really wet by now, and started to move around. I could feel his
hard cock in the crack of my ass, it felt wonderful. massage barcelona He was so large and
hard , I needed to taste him and feel him.

He was very good at what he did, and knew how to drive a woman in
sane with his caressing hands. I could smell him and remember thinking
how familiar he smelled but still did not connect his voice or his scent
to anyone I knew. I tried once more t o turn around but again he would
apply slight pressure and would not let me . I felt him slip one of his
fingers into my pussy, caressing and probing it. It absolutely made me
wince with desire. I wanted this stranger and I was going to have him.

He now removed my soaking wet panties, which were half way down my
but already from before. I could tell he was lifting them up to his face
to inhale the scent. massage barcelona It seemed like he was living in my mind, how did he
know what I had been dreaming about just moments before? I saw them fall
down to the floor after a while, followed by his black silk boxershorts.
HMMM ” how sexy” I thought to myself. We really did not speak to much at
this point, but we could hear each other moans and sighs as we moved in
unison and caressed each other over and over.

I felt his big hard cock nestle right in the crack of my ass, rubbing
up and down. I wanted to feel him inside me. By lifting my but a little,
I exposed my cunt just enough for him to easily gain access. He took his
time however, knowing it would drive me insane. I begged him ” please let
me feel your hard cock inside me, I need to cum bad”, ” you been torturing
me this long, I need to feel your balls slap against my but and you rage
inside me, grabbing my tits” hmmmmm

He did oblidge me and started to slide his hard cock very slowly into
my wet pussy, inch by inch, making me moan, almost scream, it felt so
good. My vaginal muscles tensed up with every inch as to suck him in
further and further. I was going to have this cock all the way, if it was
the last thing I ever did. I felt and heard his hot breath on my neck and
could only imagine what facial expression he had, what fire was in his
eyes. I felt him going in and once he hit bottom he moved out just as
slowly, inch by inch.

God , I wished he would start to pump my cunt, I was so hot, I would
not need much more to cum. His hands were pulling on my hard nipples now
, sending strong waves of pleasure to my loins, making me more wild. Now
he finally started to pump in and out. massage barcelona I think he could not wait anymore
either, it was so hot, so wet and so slippery. I am sure my juices were
running down to the table covered with a white sheet.

I felt his hard cock pumping harder now and one of his hands grab my
tit, while the other was massaging my buthole. He just put just enough
pressure on it to give me the sensation of entering it all the way, but
did not, at least not yet. I felt him increase his movements and me
joining in, by rotating my but and pressing it against his lap more to get
him further and further into me. With every thrust I felt him lift me off
the table and his balls slap my but. He was so wonderfully forceful
fucking me, I was in heaven. massage barcelona I did not want it to end.

I needed to feel more and more, not ever really being satisfied. But
how nice the feeling was. It did end with the biggest orgasm I had in a
long time. I screamed and my entire body bucked up , pushing him in even
further. His hands grabbing both my tits now. I could feel him exploding
inside me, his sweet thick juices pumping in, thick blobs of cum squirting
into my hot thirsty cunt. Ohh god this was heaven.

After a while I let myself fall back onto the table, him on-top of me
and feeling a slight breeze cool down our sweaty bodies. I am not
sure if it was a open window, as I had dreamed before, or the vent of an
Air-conditioning duct blowing on-top of us, but it fit my dream to the T.

I am not sure when he got up, but when I came to, he was gone. I
remember feeling relieved and sorrow for not seeing his face or knowing
who it was. massage barcelona But got up quickly, got dressed, and left the building in a
great hurry, with the receptionist addressing me on my way out ” hope you
enjoyed your visit, come again soon” How ironic, come again soon , hmmm?
I was smiling to myself and nodded as I opened the door to leave


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