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5 April, 2016
massage in hotel in barcelone
7 April, 2016

massage in barcelona

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I rolled off of her onto my back.  She snuggled over against
me laying on her side. nestling her head on my chest.  We laid
together for a long time like that, listening to the ocean waves
crash onto the beach.

It seemed like it was always meant to be, her and I here
together like this, touching and loving.  Natalie moved away,
propping her head up on her hand, elbow on the bed.  She was
beautiful, her eyes were so full and bright.

She leaned forward and kissed me, and pulled away again.
“Thank you, Dennis.  No one has ever done this for me,” she said as
her eyes filled with tears, I got ready to say something and she
stopped me, “no, don’t stop me… it’s hard enough as it is, I
mean, telling some one my feelings.  I can’t believe you thought
enough of me to do… all this,” she said, looking at her

She dropped her head down onto the thick fur, tears running
down her face, “I love you, Dennis.  Thank you.”

She curled into the fetal position and I wrapped my body
around her.  We talked about each other for a couple hours, but, I
had the feeling she was hiding something, well, not really hiding
but afraid to tell me.

Oh well, there’s always time to work around secrets.  After a
while we drifted off to sleep, together.
Dan moved a little and Nancy let out a cry as his cock slipped another inch
inside.  I couldn’t believe it.  She had more in her cunt than I had ever been
able to.  She spread her legs as wide as she could get them and pulled her
feet under her ass and pressed hard against Dan.  I couldn’t believe it but
slowly Dan’s cock was slipping inside Nancy’s hot wet cunt. It took a few
minutes but soon she had aboput 10 or 11 inches in her teen age cunt.  Nancy

“Oh shit Liz, It is in all the way I can take it. Oh fuck it feels great, it is
about to split me open but I love it.”

As she said that she started hunching letting Dan’s long cock go in and out
in long strokes. She was crying with pleasure as she hunched faster and faster
and then she screamed and came in a explosion. Shortly She rolled out from
under Dan weakly and said,

“Oh Liz I loved it, you got to take it in all the way in. Do it now.  It only
hurts a little and only for a second then it is dynamite.”

I was so hot from watching her that I was in her place in a flash and as
she said it was dynamite.  I never had the guts to push that hard before
watching Nancy do it.  Now I loved the way it stretched me. I began to hunch
taking it in and out of my cunt as far as it could go. Nancy said I had 12 inches
of Dan’s big cock buried in me.  When I came I almost passed out.
I awoke just before dawn to Elsie’s warning beeps, which only
sound in the room that is occupied by me.  “Elsie, what’s up?” I
whispered, noting that Natalie wasn’t in bed with me.

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