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She didn’t answer for a second.  “I don’t know,” she finally said in a
thoughtful voice.

“You can’t be thinking about it!”  I burst out. Massage in Paseo de gracia  Dana was wilder than me, but
spanking was, well, a little more than Dana or I would get into.

“A ha!  Not as nonchalant about it as you let on!” she said with a grin.
“Listen, it’s not *that* strange.  Brenda’s done it.”

My jaw dropped.  Brenda!  Dana giggled at me some more.  “*Brenda* let
some guy spank her?”  I knew Brenda didn’t have a boyfriend at the

“No.  A woman.”  Well, I didn’t think she could top her previous statement,
but she had.  This time I really *was* speechless for a minute.  “Didn’t
know Brenda was bi, did you?  You really are an innocent.” Her smile was

“I…” I stammered. Massage in Paseo de gracia  Brenda was always rather friendly to *me*!  I had a
sinking feeling.

“Wondering if she’s turned on to you?  It doesn’t mean she has the hots for
every woman she meets, you know, anymore than you have the hots for
every guy.”  She laughed at me again.  I didn’t ask her any more about it,
and we got to talking about other things–I think she was finally trying to
be nice to me, getting off the topic. Massage in Paseo de gracia But I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Then I met Brenda the next morning.  I did my best to act natural.  “Dana
tells me you just found out I’m bi,” she said.  So much for going on as if I
hadn’t heard.

“Uh, yes.”

She smiled at me. Massage in Paseo de gracia  “I really only had a couple of experiences,” she went on.
“Back in highschool once with a girl I knew, and…” she paused.  I couldn’t
help myself–I was curious beyond belief.  I hoped it wasn’t written all
over my face.  “Dana told you I got spanked,” she finally said.

“Yes,” I said, repetitiously.

“I haven’t told anybody who it was: it was Professor Gilman.”

I gasped.  We were both in her class!  “Brenda!  But..”

“I know!  But it was before… before I signed up for the class.”

“Oh,” I said, but still uncertainly. Massage in Paseo de gracia

“It wasn’t much really–just once and just the, uh, spanking.”  I went
away from that conversation in a complete daze, not believing what I was
hearing.  Sometimes I felt a little out of it, but now I felt like the world
went on without me.  They had a relationship–well, an encounter–and it
was nothing but a spanking!

At lunch, I ate with Brenda, Dana, Gretchen and Rich as usual and Dana
happily talked away about the decision she was going to be making!  I felt
funny again, hearing her talk like that in front of Rich even though we got
along with him well.  He wasn’t anyone’s boyfriend–just a friend we ate
with and hung out with sometimes. Massage in Paseo de gracia Though sometimes I thought he’d ask
me out if I gave him any encouragement.  He seemed to enjoy hearing
Dana’s ruminations though.  It seemed like they all knew about Brenda
too–both that she had allowed herself to be spanked and that she was bi.
Yes, I felt like an innocent.

The girls asked Rich if the idea of spanking a girl turned him on.  He
grudgingly admitted it.  They laughed at him.

That afternoon, Professor Gilman asked me to stop at her office!  I’d
stared at her just a little in class, but had been generally careful not to
act too strange.  But I wasn’t sure I was up to an office visit.

I was so nervous walking in. Massage in Paseo de gracia She was seated at her desk.  She asked me to
close the door.

“Brenda tells me she told you about our… relationship,” she said.

“Uh, yes she did.”  I couldn’t believe it.  Sitting here having this
conversation.  How could Brenda do this?

“You understand that that was before the school year started.”

She was looking at me, a concerned look on her face.  I guessed that she
was nervous about this.  “Yes Ma’am.”

“Good.  I just wanted you to understand that. Massage in Paseo de gracia And it was just one time–
and it was just…I don’t…”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Are you nervous?”

“I guess a little, maybe…”

She smiled at me.  “Don’t be afraid.”  She seemed to think a second, then
said: “Listen: May 28 is the deadline for me to turn in the grades.  Are you
going to be here this summer?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I want to make an appointment to see you May 29.”  I stared at her.
“Come by the office at 9AM.”

“Uh, yes Ma’am.”

“Good,” she said and smiled. Massage in Paseo de gracia “Thanks for stopping by.”

I was out.  It was like I could breath again–I wondered if I’d held my
breath during the whole time I was in there.

I had to tell someone about it.  I told Brenda that night when we were
studying in the library.  She laughed: “She wants to spank you!” she said.  I
stared.  “Oh, she wants you *so* bad!” she said again and giggled some
more.  “You’re going to go through with it, aren’t you?” she asked.

“She can’t really mean…”

“Oh, you *are* innocent!  You’ll go, won’t you?”

“Aren’t you jealous?”

“Oh, no!  I *told* you, that was just a one-time thing!  Listen, she’s going
to be thinking about *you* for *months*!  You’d better watch out or she’ll
come after you!”  Talking to her hadn’t helped.  I was even more shaken up.
We tried to study for a while.

“Listen,” she finally spoke up again. Massage in Paseo de gracia “Do you want to find out what it’s

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