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22 February, 2017
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18 August, 2017

Massages for health purposes

Massage is a form of therapy that has been used since ancient times and is born from a natural desire to seek a relief by touch. For example after a blow to the head,the first reaction I have is to touch the place in pain with the hand. There are many types of massage. Some act by pressure, as for example shiatsu, acupressure or Cinese massage.

Its history dates back to millennia ago, in the prehistoric times in which already the man felt the instinct to caress your body when afflicted him any evil or ailment. It is in itself a technical manual, in a very general way,, rolling, tapping, vibration, shocks and cacheteos, performed to different rhythms and pressures depending on the person and the treatment seeking relief from the pain when it exists and the prevention when he is in a good state.

Do you want an erotic massage?

The therapeutic massage is applied with the purpose of recovering or help to this patient’s recovery by allowing its incorporation as being useful and social in their environment. In all cases, it assesses the type of injury presented. This type of massage should produce a curative action, as well as to ensure the stability of the systems of regulation and to increase the functional capacity of the organism of the patients.

During the massage session, the patient may experience various reactions, that is why it is necessary to know how to select correctly manipulations (maneuvers) and its varieties (combinations) and determine the appropriate intensity of the irritant action. The sensitivity during the action of the massage depends mainly on the constitution of the individual and their state of health, that is why it becomes necessary that the therapist be aware of the following aspects:

For the application of this type of massage, there are general indications in various injuries, such as occurs in cases of fractures, functional limitations of the joints, muscle atrophy, muscle contractures, scars, neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis, etc The massage technique that is applied in the therapeutic massage, are analogous to those that apply in the sports massage and the massage toilet. Therapeutic massage does not have its own technical. In the therapeutic massage you can use any type of massage, whether massage equipment, massage points, segmentary massage, etc

The duration of a general session of therapeutic massage is typically no more than 40 min. In few occasions it may reach to 50 min. In the healing practice, massage is usually recommended a few times; without that only takes out the local massage. The first session of general massage should be applied not less than 2 to 3 times a week and with a duration of 20 to 25 min. If during treatment it was observed that the patient gets worse, your general condition (weakness or other sensations, some pleasant, there is a decrease in the duration of the treatment or suppress temporarily the massage.

To sum up, therapeutic massage is closely related to health, as we can see in Barcelona from May 14th to 18th during the Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine. It is the right moment to visit Barcelona and learn about how science and massages are related, and also receive one of our professionals’ treatments.


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