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29 May, 2016
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1 June, 2016

MotoGP Barcelona & Shiva Massage

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knee — neither sensation was particularly noticable
compared to the pounding of my heart and the gasping sounds of my
labored breathing. MotoGP Barcelona Pride was the only thing which kept me on my
feet and moving.

I could tell that the instructor was watching me,
waiting for me to collapse — or perhaps trying to figure out
what I was doing in her class.  It wasn’t an advanced aerobics
class, but it was more than what a beginner like me should have
been in.  I signed up knowing only that I needed some structured
exercise — no one told me what I was getting into, or, more
probably, I wasn’t paying attention.  Now, I was too proud to
admit that I was in a little over my head. MotoGP Barcelona Yes, the instructor,
a rather nicely put together brunette who appeared to be about 19
or 20, was definitely looking at me.

Locking down my newly discovered determination
(developed after months of intense therapy — more on that later
if it becomes relevant), I compromised slightly by not doing
quite as much as my classmates and eventually made it through the
session without a miocardial infarction.

After we finished, the instructor, Lisa, walked right
up to me as I was headed for the showers.

“You’re John, aren’t you?” she asked.

“That’s me all right.” MotoGP Barcelona What a clever response, I
thought. “I suppose you’re wondering what a blimp like me is
doing in your class, eh?”

“No, not at all.  I know perfectly well what you’re
doing in my class.  And I want to talk to you about that.  Are
you busy right now?”

“No, as a matter of fact.  After my shower I was just
planning to go home and collapse,” I said, laughing.

She laughed too.  MotoGP Barcelona “Well, if you could put off
collapsing for a little bit, I was going to suggest a cup of
coffee at Perkins ™.”

“Do you have coffee with all of your overweight and out
of shape students?”

“No, not usually, but something tells me I should have
a cup with you.”

I nearly said no.  Since I am telling this story, I can
stop right here and explain that.  For those waiting for the
juicy sex scene, wait a little while and I will try to make it
worth it for you to keep reading.

If you’ll recall, MotoGP Barcelona I said at the top that I was 40.  An
18 year marriage collapsed under me a year earlier.  My fault —
I never dealt with my father’s alcoholism and its effects on me.
Denial was a way of life.  I became more and more unrelatable to
my wife and my two kids.  Alcohol is only one escape from life.
There are many others.  Food was one of mine.  My divorce was a
real wake up call.  I nearly lost my job and everything else in
my life without dealing with my problems, but when I lost my
family, well, that was something that really got to me.

I got into therapy and began to deal with all the
things going on inside my head. MotoGP Barcelona But I still wasn’t into
relationships.  Too many wounds, many self inflicted, had left my
heart encased in some pretty tough scar tissue.  That’s why I
hesitated a little before saying yes to Lisa’s invitation.

“Sure.  Sounds great.  I’ll meet you in the lobby in 15

Cut to a Perkins.  Any Perkins.  They all look pretty
much the same.  A freshly showered couple sits in a booth at the
back of the resturant.MotoGP Barcelona  Small talk ensues.

“You said you knew why I took your class,” I said, by
way of transition to the real reason we were here, “What did you
mean by that?”

“You’re trying to prove something to yourself.  MotoGP Barcelona Recover
your lost manhood.  Go back to the time when you

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