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30 November, 2018
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Nuru massage: a way to get more pleasure

The Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage, is within the known tantra massages, it has also been called body to body massage because it is the main technique that defines it, where two bodies with the help of gel begin to rub and slide on each other.

Tantra type massages currently enjoy great popularity, being the Naru massage one of the most popular, where those who try it experience an inexhaustible and uncontrollable pleasure that makes them want more.

Do you want an erotic massage?

Two people sliding on top of each other is part of the appeal of this type of massage that not only allows you to exploit your sexual potential, it also helps to release burdens and tensions from the routine.

This type of massage is charged with pure eroticism, the therapist in these cases will not use exclusively his hands, just to support himself, this type of massage is characterized by using the entire body as a means of generating well-being and pleasure.

The therapist must also be naked to be able to perform the massage as it should be, where he will have to slide his body on his client, who will also be naked.

What is Nuru massage: Why do you like it so much?

Within the philosophy of tantra we find that in order for the energy to flow it is necessary to unblock its flow that can run through our entire body.

This objective is achieved by using another person’s body as an energy conductor, which gives pleasure, eroticism, while opening the doors of spirituality allowing you to meet again in mind, body and soul.

But it should be noted that this technique does not focus on the more non-sexual sensual energy, as it is based on the foundations of tantra that encompass trust, compassion and love.

Tantra considers spiritual growth and pleasure as two fundamental aspects, both inseparable, one from the hand of the other, every individual is full of energy, which can become cloudy when entering into imbalance, producing harmful effects on health and spirit.

It had separate doctrinal limitations that condemn pleasure and make it see as something of which one must feel guilty, with the risk of being punished.

The Nuru massage allows to unblock the energetic centers, allowing it to flow through the whole organism opening the door of spirituality, this allows to conquer pleasure without having to resort to a sexual way.

One of the benefits of this technique is that you can explore parts of the body sensitive to touch that end up awakening pleasant sensations that previously unknown.

A technique that invites you to free your mind and spirit, letting in all the pleasure you need to renew yourself.

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