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14 December, 2016
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What is the origin of the erotic massage?

Since the humanity has existed, caresses or any other form of contact between people are expressions of affection, of love or something else. We all know that the actions show more than words, in fact many studies have proven that communication in people is about 70% of what is done, in other words, we say more with the body expression than with the words, a good example are Barcelona Shiva massages.

Caresses are a form of physical communication, and many experts believe they were the prelude to what we know today as erotic massage. The hand contact with the body of the other person; is a way to externalize our feelings, caress as a form of massage or physical contact is as old as the history of humanity.

Do you want an erotic massage?

Defining an erotic massage like the Barcelona Shiva Massages

In a general way, we can say that an erotic massage, like Barcelona Shiva massages, is a manipulation of the body that is done by the caresses mainly among other movements, through massages there can be achieved the integration of the energy and strength to reach a response that, in this case, is entirely sexual.

When we talk about erotic massage, such as Barcelona Shiva Massages, the result we get is to give or to receive pleasure, a way to also activate the senses of that person and start also activating all the sexual energy that is trapped or asleep.

The origin of the massage is generally located in Asia, with a medicinal purposes, it could not go unnoticed, at some point the man could realize that found pleasure when he played his body, so that helped at any given time to relax people and better prepare for the sexual act.

Although the massages with medicine purposes or therapeutic are very different than the erotic massages about their techniques and objectives, there is compatibility between each other because each person finds satisfactory an experience related to massage, just like the Barcelona Shiva Massages can provide.

The endless pleasure quest of humanity

All human beings are as always in an endless quest for pleasure, that allows erotic massage to be one wayto have the possibility of exploring our body and the all the sensations it can produce on us.

One of the most important aspects about erotic massages and its history is the evolution that has had and will continue to have, besides identifying that massages can reach into the depths of people they can feel.

When it comes to receiving or giving a massage is important that you can have a rapport, being connected this way can read in the body of the person how happy or comfortable is with the massage.

The history of erotic massages are a mystery, it is only known that at some point took a different course of medical massage in order to help with other kind of problems or human needs, just like sex. As conclusion we can say massages are the oldest of all medical treatments. In all ancient cultures, especially from the East, it has been considered as something natural and beneficial at any age, and its effects, when their benefits when they are made for pleasure purposes are multiple.

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