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28 March, 2016
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4 April, 2016

outcalls barcelona

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“Yes boys and girls, FAMILY condoms really work.  If uncle
Max comes to town, and wants a piece, and you’re trying to get
pregnant by your father, by using FAMILY condoms, you can keep
everybody happy!  Just slip one old uncle Max, and he can cum
inside you, without you having to wonder who knocked you up.  And
for boys, FAMILY condoms are just the thing, if your friend wants
you to try out his mother, but still wants to be sure the baby is
his.  That’s why they’re called FAMILY condoms, because they keep
families together!  For a free demonstration, call 1-800-FREE-SEX
and two of our representatives will be out to demonstrate.  One
of each sex, so whichever way you swing, one of our FAMILY
members will be glad to show you.  You can try sex, both with and
without FAMILY condoms, so you’ll know what it feels like.  And
children under 10, don’t have to get their parent’s permission to
call, as this is federally approved for all ages.  Remember kids:
This offer is FREE to anyone under the age of 16.  Those between
the ages of 17 and 24, will have to pay the “sin-tax” of 40% of
the value of the service offered, or usually about $5.00 for 10
minutes.  Those over 24, will have to pay the full fee.”
“Just remember boys and girls,  FAMILY condoms help you be
in the family-way, with the member of your family, that YOU want.
Now back to our show.”

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“Well Suzy, would you like your Daddy to teach you how to
make a baby?”
“Gee Daddy, would you?  I thought I’d have to wait until
next year, when I was 11, just like Ginny did.”
“Well, you seem to be learning a lot faster than your
sister.  Ginny’s already 14, and she just got pregnant for the
first time.  The neighbors were beginning to make remarks, about
how I was neglecting her, and you know that’s not true.”


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