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22 March, 2016
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26 March, 2016

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When I left for college, I kissed my sweet “innocent” little sister
good-bye.  She was 17 then.   I returned last spring, a little  earlier
than I was expected, and saw the real girl that she was at 18.  I  took
the bus to within  blocks of my  home and walked  the remainder of  the
way.  I planned to surprise my parents and my sister, so I didn’t enter
the front door but made my way around to the back to attempt to get  in
through my bedroom window.  It was getting dark, and to my surprise the
lights were on in the room.  I slowly crept to the half-opened curtains
and peeked inside.  The scene on the bed made my heart stop and my cock

There was my beautiful baby sister,  smooth and tan and naked,  and
one of the best-looking young men I have ever seen.  They were lying on
the bed, kissing and fondling each other while he looked at pictures in
a photo album. He had  on a pair of  white cutoffs, with an  incredibly
big bulge behind  the zipper.   I was glued  to the spot  and began  to
unzip my own pants and release my  straining cock.  Soon the tan  young
guy stood up, and my sister’s small hands began to unsnap and unzip his
shorts.  She slowly pulled them past his hard-on, which had to be eight
inches.  His stiff cock curved slightly, and as her hands pumped up and
down its  thick length,  drops of  slippery fluid  coated the  mushroom
head.  This seemed to excite her,  and with wide eyes, she lowered  her
wet young lips and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth.

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His prick looked even thicker next to her small, cute face, but she
managed to cram a few  inches into her stretched  mouth.  His own  hand
wrapped around the reminder of his big  cock, and he began to jack  off
as she licked and sucked  on the swollen head.   In a minute or two  he
was humping his groin into her beautiful face, his hand sliding up  and
down his shaft lubricated  by the saliva that  dripped from her  mouth.
As his hand moved faster and faster, she looked directly into his  eyes
and sucked even harder on the head of  his cock.  I could see the  lust
in his eyes, and  with a lurch,  he pulled his cock  from her lips  and
with the tip just and inch from her mouth, shot a big, white stream  of

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The thick fluid  hit her top lip and  was followed by three  more
wads just as big.   Her mouth was open and  I could see the strands  of
sticky cum stretching from her tongue to her lips.  Her face and  mouth
were literally drenched with semen, and with her fingers she scooped up
the slippery stuff and slid it into her mouth.  He jammed his cock back
into her mouth and I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked the last
bit of cum from his cock.

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