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2 January, 2018
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17 April, 2018

Psychoanalysis and massages: alternative therapies that go hand in hand in Barcelona?

Taking advantage of the fact that the 11th Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis will be held in Barcelona from the 2nd to the 6th of April, it is worth reflecting on the use of alternative methods to study and heal the mind without necessarily resorting to drugs. These two disciplines have been viewed with some reticence throughout history, but the truth is that in the 21st century it has been demonstrated that both therapies are capable of contributing to an improvement in mental state.

In fact, both psychoanalysis and erotic massage have been considered “pornography”, and nothing could be further from the truth. Undoubtedly, one of the most relevant figures in the history of psychoanalysis is Sigmund Freud. There are those who think that he took this field to the extreme, but the truth is that thanks to him he acquired great importance and gave it a great part of its present form.

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Relieve the brain with psychoanalysis and massage therapies

Undoubtedly, the society in which we live makes us increasingly unaware of the problems that affect us, since with such a high pace of life we do not have time to reflect or to dedicate ourselves. Just as a psychoanalyst can help us, Shiva Massage therapists have the ability to make you feel renewed. The healing powers of massage have been documented for centuries, so if you want to approach your problems differently without resorting to more conventional medicine, psychoanalysis and massage are waiting for you in Barcelona.

Similarly, while receiving a massage you allow your mind to escape and enter a state of peace and quiet in which you can release all the tensions that prevent you from living at full capacity. The field of psychoanalysis has known how to see beyond what it had with the naked eye, and in the same way the masseuses treat the muscles of people: they are not only fibrous tissues, but they can transmit feelings of well-being and tranquility with a series of movements that directly affect the state of the person receiving the massage.

Events such as this congress highlight the importance of an alternative approach to analyzing the power of the mind. Don’t think that only medicines and the support of family and friends can help in hard times, but there are many therapies designed to improve the knowledge of how the human brain works and under what conditions it can be more of an engine than a burden.

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