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19 May, 2016
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walked next to it, and ran my hand over its smooth cheeks.
Up and down her legs and brushing her pussy too. I had Linda bring the
large dildo. I put it in Cathy’s mouth and told her to suck on it. When
it was wet, I had Linda hold Cathy’s cheeks apart and then pushed it a
ways up her asshole. Cathy yelped as it went in, but otherwise laid
still.  Stepping aside, I handed Linda the thin birch branch. I told
her to begin whipping Cathy relax bodybody massage starting at the knees and then up to her
shoulders. Each time I felt that she was not hitting Cathy hard enough,
I would give her two strokes.

Linda started in. SNAP…SNAP….SNAP…..SNAP…SNAP.

“Stop.” I said. “Linda, you aren’t doing that hard enough. Assume your
position in front of me.”  When she did, I gave her two hard lashes but
not on the ass. One on each breast!  The birch left a long thin welt on
the sides of each breast.  Each stroke brought a yelp and tears to her
eyes. Then I told her to continue with Cathy. This time, she whipped
her with a will. It took her 30 strokes to reach Cathy’s ass. Another
30 to reach her shoulders. By now, the strokes were less hard, not
because she was being gentle, but her arm was wearing out. Cathy had
started to howl about the 10th stroke. By the 30th, she was screaming.
By then time Linda finished, Cathy was limp and only moaning in pain. I
had Linda release Cathy, and turn her on her back. Once there, I
directed Linda to lick Cathy’s pussy and to suck on her clit! It seemed
to take only a few seconds before cathy began to respond! At first a
low moan, then more and louder. Cathy’s hands came around and held
Linda head and mouth against her pussy. Cathy started to thrust her
hips into Linda face. I could see that she was close to cumming. Even
Linda was moaning a bit.

I yelled at them to quit! They were so involved that I had to lash
linda a couple of times to make her stop. Once she did I gave them new
instructions. This time Linda was to be tied to the bed, and Cathy was
to whip her! But! Linda was to be tied face up!

Linda did not want it! in fact, she begged not to. But I moved over,
and held her wrists while Cathy fastened them to the headboard. Then
came the ankles. With her tied like this, Linda pussy was raised high
and I could see it glisten. I gave the relax bodybody massage birch to Cathy and told her to
start at Lindas thighs and continue to her breasts! Cathy was still
aroused, but she remembered how Linda had whipped her. She started with
powerful strokes and continued on. Linda on yelped a bit when it was
her legs being hit, but when the birch struck hard on her exposed
pussy, a loud scream rent the room. I could see that Cathy was getting
hotter and hotter from whipping the helpless Linda. She gave Linda
another 6 or 8 strokes right on the pussy before moving on. Each time
Linda screamed more, and tried to avoid the next stroke. But the cuffs
held her. 10 more strokes brought Cathy to lindas nipples. The first
stroke on her nipples and Linda screamed and bounced so hard I thought
the cuffs would break. I was surprised to see that the nipples were
even harder!  Two more strokes and linda started to thrust her hips as
high as she could. When I told cathy to stop and to lick Linda, she
practically jumped onto the bed and shoved her face in Linda cunt! As
soon as Linda felt the tongue on her clit, she started to thrash around
and moan. Her moans were loud and seemed to go on forever. Cathy
meanwhile had slipped a finger into her own pussy and was licking Linda
and fingering herself at the same time. I gave her a hard lash on the
ass and told her to stop.  She put her hand back up to linda cunt, but
tried to rub her own pussy against the bed.

Climbing onto the bed between Cathy’s legs, I nudged the head of my
cock against Cathy’s asshole. I pushed until the head slipped inside
her and then waited. Then without warning, I thrust forward deep into
her hot ass! As I slammed into her asshole, Cathy let out a muffled
shriek! I continued to plow into her ass and she was pushing back at
me! Every time I stroked into her, she bucked back, When I slammed deep
into her, the force of the relax bodybody massage thrust would push her face up against linda

The first to cum was linda. Her hips were bouncing around and her
screams were of pure pleasure! Then I started to spurt my hot cum into
Cathy’s ass. The first spurt seemed to set Cathy off! she screamed into
the pussy in her face, and this set off Linda again. Spurt after spurt
I sent into her hot ass, until finally I was empty! When I pulled out
of Cathy ass, her asshole stayed open for a bit. I released Lindas
cuffs and her clean up Cathy with her tongue. At the same time, I had
cathy clean up my cock with her mouth. Soon we were clean and well worn
out. And here it was only 2  in the afternoon.  What a day!

By 6 that night, I was ready to go relax bodybody massage again. Both the girls were sore from
earlier, so instead of more whipping, I gave them a chance. I had Linda
kneel in front of me, and begging sucking on my cock. Cathy was between
lindas legs licking her pussy. The chance was this I told them. If
linda could suck me off before cathy made her cum, I would whip Cathy.
But if Linda came first, I would whip Linda. Linda grabbed my cock and
sucked for all she was worth! She played with my balls and took my cock
past the back of her mouth and into her throat! Cathy meanwhile was
licking and sucking on Lindas pussy and clit! Each girl was doing the
absolute best they could. It was a close thing, but Linda started to
cum a moment before I did! As I hosed her throat with my cum, she kept
bucking into Cathys face. As I relax bodybody massage finished, I had Linda lick off my cock
then lick Cathy to an orgasm. As I sat there and watched Linda at work
on cathy, I noticed that linda’s pussy had not been shaved!  When she
was done, I had Cathy tie her to the bed face up. Instead of whipping
her, I proceeded to shave her pussy bare! Oh, I pulled a couple of
hairs out by hand, but most I shaved off. I then had Linda released and
we all went back to the main room. I was getting tired by then, but I
still did not want to wake up in the morning all tied down. So….
Telling them that I was ready once more, I had them stay kneeling while
I went to the storage room. In there I found an old broom handle. I cut
a 14 inch length. I used some sand paper to make sure that the ends
were smooth. Then finding a board that was nearly two feet wide and six
foot long I returned to the main room. I had Linda get on her hands and
knees. I put some KY Jelly on the ends of one of the handles then
pushed it into Linda pussy. I had Cathy also get on her hands and knees
and back into linda. As she got near, I guided the handle into her
pussy as well. The girls were butt to butt. Each had about 7 inches of
broom handle in their pussy!  The taking some rope, I tied their thighs
together.  I put the board across their backs and tied them to the
board. I wrapped rope around and around them. relax bodybody massage When I was done, the
broom handle kept their ass’s together, and the board prevented them
from moving apart or aside. I ran one last length of rope from cathy’s
wrist cuffs to lindas wrist cuffs. Kissing each of them on the cheek, I
laid them on their sides and went to bed. If they could get out of
this, I deserved to be tied up!

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