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10 July, 2016
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18 July, 2016

Relax in hotel barcelona

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He stroked back and forth between her tits. His fingers pinched and
pulled her nipples as he thrust between them. Wave after wave of
pleasure rushed over him as he stroked back and forth. He could
feel his balls tightening as he pleasured himself with her tits. He
knew that soon he would come. He could not stop himself as he
worked his cock in and out of her cleavage faster and faster. He
could feel the come starting to surge forward as he drove himself
forward again. One more stroke…. Relax Barcelona One more stroke…. The thought
echoed through his mind. Then he bucked and rammed forward harder
than ever before. A huge stream of hot, sticky come shot from the
swollen head of his cock, landing on the lips of the deadly vampire
he was tit-fucking. He bucked again and more come erupted from his
cock. Then more, and more, and more. Her chest, neck and cleavage
were coated with it before his orgasm subsided. He fell back,
resting on his back stretched arms, trying to catch his breath.

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He hadn’t noticed it at first, but then the motion caught his eye.
A smile slowly developed on her face. A hand and then an arm
stirred. He climbed off of her and staggered back as he tried to
put his pants back on. He looked at his watch, three minutes after
sunset! He was doomed.

She slowly sat upright and her cold dark eyes fixed upon him. Her
lips were more red and more lustrous than before. In fact, his come
was not present anywhere on her where he was sure it had shot. She
slowly swung her legs from her resting place and her heels made a
clicking sound as they touched the Relax Barcelona floor. Her breasts stood out
perfectly before her, not sagging a bit. She stood and stepped
toward him a few feet, stopping short of him. She bent a bit from
the waist and seemed to swipe at his waist with her hand. Then her
black silk glove covered hand slowly came to her lips with a drop
of his come on it. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue licked
it from her finger. “Ummmm. Delicious!” she said in a soft, sultry

His survival instinct welled from deep inside him. He stepped back
and picked up the heavy wooden stake Relax Barcelona he had brought. He gripped it
tightly and drew it high above his head, readying it for the plunge
into her heart. She stepped back until she was backed against her
resting place. He moved with her. She tried to step sideways to
avoid his impending lunge, but his counter move was too quick. But
in stepping sideways, her leg had become almost fully visible,
protruding from the slit in her dress. His eye wavered for a second
and looked at her naked thigh and the top of her black lace
stocking. She caught his momentary diversion and turned it against

Her hands went to the sides of her breasts. She slowly pushed them
together and let out a deep, seductive moan, as she did so. Then
her hands slowly slid down the sides of her torso, emphasizing her
voluptuous figure as they went. One hand went to the slit in her
dress while the other started to pull the hem of her dress upward
to reveal the rest of her long, sexy legs. “You have me. I cannot
escape from the death you bring. From Relax Barcelona the rest you bring me after
the hundreds of years I have been alive. I also cannot stop the
pleasure you bring me. Your lust has made me alive like I have
never been. I have never felt so desired before. Your seed has
turned my skin to satin. Satin burning with the flame of passion.
You have me and I am doomed. All I ask of you is one last request
before you impale me. A kiss. One final kiss before I am cast down
into Hell and eternity.” Her voice was unlike anything he had ever
heard. It was so sexy, so alluring, so bewitching. Yet, there was
a certain coldness to it at the same time. He started to lunge at
her. “I beg of you! One last kiss.” His eyes caught her lips. They
were the most sensual lips he had ever seen. He involuntarily
licked his own lips as he froze before her. Her hands slowly moved
towards his body as her lips parted slightly and invited him to
kiss her.

He knew he had her. He had broken her spell and was ready to kill
her. How could she possibly win now. Relax Barcelona He felt so strong, so willful,
so invincible. Her lips were so sexy, so inviting. What harm could
one little kiss be. Once again it sounded so reasonable.

“Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me.” She whispered in a deep sultry voice
as she drew her mouth towards his. She was so beautiful and he
wanted to kiss those lips so badly. How could it hurt.

Their mouths were mere inches apart now. He could feel her breath
on his chest as her hands touched his chest. Her hands slowly slid
up his chest and began to encircle his neck, pulling his head
towards hers. His eyes were locked on those dark, deep pools that
were her eyes. He couldn’t pull away. He couldn’t stop himself as
he too began to move his lips to hers.

The feeling of warmth and desire consumed him. They were so soft,
wet, and delicious. The sticky redness of her lips seemed to draw
him in deeper. He attacked her lips with a Relax Barcelona hunger, an unrelenting
passion that had also filled his very soul. Their mouths devoured
one another. Their tongues fought we each other. Her taste was so
sweet, so delicious, so intoxicating. His arms encircled her and
pulled her tightly to him. The stake fell to the floor and rolled
to rest nearby. Her hands were pulling at the back of his head and
running through his hair. The kiss was inflamed with raw,
animalistic passion.

They continued to kiss wildly for several minutes. He was so
consumed by her passionate, intoxicating lips that he had lost
control of himself. She, however, knew exactly what she was doing.
She slowly broke off the kiss directly to his lips and started to
kiss him on the cheek, then the ear, slowly moving towards his
neck. Every touch of her lips sent a wave of pleasure washing over
him. He gasped and moaned as she Relax Barcelona kissed his cheek and then his ear.
But when he felt her breath on his neck, it was different. Her
breath was cold, like an icy fog drifting across a cemetery.

He snapped out of it. He pushed her away, and held her at arms
length. She could not completely hide the sharp white points of the
fangs that filled her mouth now. She had not the time to completely
withdraw them after being caught in the act. He savagely pushed her
back. She fell onto her resting place as he quickly retrieved the
deadly stake from the floor.

A look of horror filled her face as he moved forward to impale her.
She drew her legs up onto the flat, silk covered surface of her
resting place. Her heels dug into the silk as she braced herself to
push away from him. He drew the stake high above his head, ready to
plunge it into her heart. But once Relax Barcelona again his eyes betrayed him. Her
dress had slid away from her raised legs, falling to either side of
them and showing him for the first time what hid between them.

Her pussy was unlike any he had seen before. It glistened with
moistness and seemed to call to him. Her small, trimmed mound of
pubic hair did nothing to hide the full, pouty lips of her pussy.
He could see or sense its heat from where he stood. It was so wet,
so willing, so inviting. It was, as the rest of her was, an
invitation to sexual pleasure beyond the limits of human

“Yes! Yes! Impale me! Stick it in me! Stick your cock in me. Drive
it deep into my hot, waiting pussy. Plunge it in savagely. Take me!
Fill me with your seed. Take me!” It was as she spoke these words
in her sultry, sexy voice that he realized how hard he was. His
cock stood out before him, harder and longer than ever before,
protruding from his open pants. It throbbed and screamed at him to
be satisfied.

She spread her legs wide and raised them into a perfect “V”. Her
hands slid to the sides of her pussy and gently pulled open the
outer lips to show him how wet and Relax Barcelona ready she was.

NO!! He had to be done with her now. He had to control himself and
put this evil woman to death. He moved forward between her legs
with his arms and the stake he held, raised high overhead. As he
prepared to impale her, his cock head touched the opening of her
pussy. He froze. She released the outer lips she had been holding
open and let them envelop the tip of his cock. The warmth slowly
engulfed his cock. Her pussy seemed to suck him in. He couldn’t
stop now. He slowly drove his cock into her. Her warm, wet,
tightness engulfed him. The pleasure was even more consuming than
that which he had felt before. A low, deep moan of pure pleasure
escaped her mouth. “OH YES! YES! Deeper. Drive it in all the way!
YES! Fuck me. Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck

Her words were exactly what he did. He couldn’t stop. He couldn’t
believe how great her pussy felt as it swallowed him with every
stroke. She was hot and tight and so wet. Her pussy massaged and
caressed and sucked on him. She was Relax Barcelona definitely the best he had ever
had. His hands held her hips as he rammed his cock deep into her
repeatedly. She hadn’t gotten more then ten deep strokes in when
she came. She screamed and thrashed beneath him as the throws of
orgasm took control of her body. She came like she had never come
before. The feeling of her pussy coming made him harder and hotter.
He knew that the next time she came, he would explode with her.

She had never felt anything so pleasing in her life or death. She
was devastated by her orgasm and couldn’t stop him from fucking her
even if she had wanted to. He was now fully on top of her resting
place with her. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and
he was thrusting deep into her. She loved how he had sucked her
nipples into his mouth and was kissing and licking them as they

She could feel her next orgasm coming and so could he. His balls
were burning and his cock ached for release. He knew this was going
to be the biggest orgasm of all time. She knew that she was going
to come and come hard. When the first wave hit her, it didn’t stop
but continued to build even higher. His cock was swelling more and
more and she was losing whatever control she had had. She came
harder and harder. As she came and her Relax Barcelona pussy grabbed onto him
tightly, he lost control too. His cock exploded. Huge torrents of
come came shooting out of him as his balls emptied everything they
had into her. Wad after wad was sent deep into her. The feeling of
his cock spitting into her made her come even harder. The harder
she came, the harder he came. They screamed and moaned in pleasure.
Their mutual orgasm went on and on. Almost ten full minutes it

He rolled off of her completely spent. He had never come so hard.
He had never felt such pleasure. He couldn’t even stand, let alone
walk. He was barely able to crawl across the floor a few feet to
rest against the tapestry covered wall.

She lay atop her resting place, panting and uttering soft moans,
reveling in the remnants of the pleasure Relax Barcelona she had just been consumed
by. Slowly she rolled to her side and looked at him. A fire burned
in those beautiful, cold eyes. Her tongue slowly danced across her
red lips, wetting them. A look of hunger and desire covered her
face. She slowly scanned his drained body. He knew what would
happen next. She would feed on him and drain his blood. She rose
slowly to her feet. She pulled her dress up to once again cover her
huge, sexy tits. Then she slowly smoothed the soft material down
over her delicious body. Irresistible passion shrouded her hidden
desire for his blood. She slowly started to move towards him.

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