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16 May, 2016
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18 May, 2016

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This was not a chance happening but a planned kidnapping. It had been a
chance sighting for the Blacks a month ago, when Julie had gone to the bridal
shop to try on her wedding gown.  The Blacks had been working at the store were
working on the air conditioning vents.  Fans were blowing to keep the air
flowing thoughout the store.  Little did Julie know that as she undressed in
the dressing room, five pairs of eyes watched her every move.  She was like a
goddess in white.  When she returned to the dressing room, to change back into
her skirt and blouse, five long Black cocks were being manually pumped.  Only
in her dainty bra and panties, her long bare White legs and dainty feet had the
five long Black cocks jerking and spitting their filth onto the air
conditioning ducts. This Tantra Massage in Barcelona young beauty was the White meat they craved.  Or as
they began joking, Julie was the ‘Rape’ meat they craved.  Pure white and
untouched.  They had busied themselves about the counter to learn of the
bride’s name and address.  They began their plan to make to ravish this White
beauty with dark brunette hair.  Her skin was White like a delicate porcelin
dish.  The Black lusted to see their big Black bones against this delicate
White flower.  What an ultimate delight: To rape this virginal White beauty, in
her pure white wedding gown – on her Wedding Day, as her husband looked on.

The Blacks belong to a club of Black bastard brothers, known for their
meaness and lust to bust a White woman open.  Thus the plan of kidnapping
turned into a lustful planned event.  The beautiful lilly White bride-to-be was
to be their main attraction.  Julie was to be the the main attraction – ‘Rape
Bait’, where the Black brothers would have to pay a hefty admission charge to
watch the brutal rape of the beautiful bride by a Black brother.  The brothers
knew to bring a lot more than the admission charge of $500 to participate in
the upcoming rape.  Tantra Massage in Barcelona How much would it take to win the auction of having the
honor of busting the lilly White bride’s treasured cherry, while her husband
looked on.  To entice the brothers, the five scheming Blacks had parked their
darked tinted van near Julie’s address.  Their telephoto lens of the beautiful
bride-to-be would definitely have the brothers bring all the cash they could
scrape up to bust her cherry.

How much would Julie’s precious little cherry bring, to be busted by a
big Black nigger stud in front of her husband, on her wedding day.  Would her
unsoiled lips bring more than her precious cherry?  Or would her tight little
ass be the prized treasure?  Once her photo was distributed as the grand prize
of ‘Rape Bait’, the lustful Black brothers would get a hard on just thinking of
seeing this little White virgin bride squirming on a big Black prong.  Her
screams would only serve to get the bidding higher.

The cabin was filled with the Black brother for this ‘Rape Bait’ auction
of the beautiful White virgin bride.  Julie was dumbfounded and confused.  She
feared for her life and feared the thought of being raped by these huge Black
niggers.  They were beginning to take bids on her.  “How much for the honor of
being the first Black to get a blowjob by this beautiful bride?” was question.
“What’s a blowjob?” thought the innocent young bride.  She would be in for a
dreadful surprise. Tantra Massage in Barcelona Never had even thought of putting her soft mouth on a
filthy penis, not even her husband’s. Now she would be forced to suck on a
filthy Black nigger cock.

Julie’s husband was tied to a chair in the middle of the room.  His
bride, decked out in the glory of her pure white wedding gown and veil,
cowering behind him in fear.  “What’s the bid to have this beautiful bride give
you the blow job of a lifetime?” yelled the Black leader.  “What do they want
of me?” Julie asked her husband. She had no idea what a blow job was.  Her
husband knew but he was silent, trying not to comprehend what the Black wanted
of his innocent bride.  The frantic bidding was up to $1,500.  The Black leader
turned to Julie “Imagine, $1,500 bid to have a blow job from you”.  Julie
fearfully asked “What’s a blow job?’.  The Blacks roared with laughter and
suddenly the bid jumped up to $2,500.  The bid came from a 6’5” Black giant who
couldn’t believe the beauty of the bride and to be the first one to fuck her
dainty mouth.

The Black leader turned to the blushing bride.  He’s the high bidder and
has the honor of getting to be the first to ever for you to give a blow job.
“What’s a blow job?” Julie fearfully asked again. The Black leader grabbed her
gloved hand and dragged her down to a kneeling position.  Julie fearfully
looked up to see the winning Black buck approach her, unzipping his fly.  Out
flopped the most horrid looking penis Julie could imagine.  She couldn’t
believe a penis could be so big and ugly, like a squirming Black snake.  A
Black squirming snake 12″ in length and 3″ in diameter. Tantra Massage in Barcelona The Black leader was
standing behind her holding her shoulders so she could not get up and run.

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