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20 July, 2016
26 July, 2016


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Our masseuses speak english. You can call we will be happy to answer all your questions.

I knew that when she brought a guy back to our room the first
night in the dorm.  I had to camp out in the lounge with the
Scrabble geeks while she got pounded in our room.  The next
morning the whole room smelled of sex.  I even found a pool of
dried cum and pussy juice on my dresser.

Luckily she’s got a really hot body and a gorgeous face, and is
hard to stay angry at – especially when she gives you one of her
broad, shining smiles.  I think she could easily be a fashion
model if she wanted to – kind of a blonde Cindy Crawford, without
the mole.  But Lisa wants no part of it.  “Models don’t get to fuck
enough” she claims.  I don’t know how much would be “enough” for
Lisa: she’s got a pretty high libido.  I don’t think she’s gone
a single day here at school without at least one sex partner.

At first, I was annoyed by her sluttish behavior because it threw me
out of the room.  But one afternoon I told her that her throwing me
out so she could screw boyfriend #16 really pissed me off, and
she surprised me by telling me that she didn’t care whether or not I
stayed.  So from then on, whenever she came massages in Barcelona back to the room with a
guy, I just stayed on my bed reading.

Some of the guys were freaked out about having me in the room, but they
soon learned that since Lisa didn’t care, if they didn’t go along
with it they wouldn’t get into her pants.  Over the first week I
watched Lisa screw five guys out of the corner of my eye.  Usually
they would just hump under her covers, and so while I was able to
hear almost every detail, THAI MASSAGE BARCELONA I never got to see the guy’s cocks.  At
the time that’s what I was straining to catch a glimpse of.  It didn’t
occur to me that Lisa was where I should have been directing my

One Friday night she brought a guy named Jeff back to the room after
they had seen a movie.  She pulled him onto her bed and began kissing
him.  He noticed me across the room, but I just played it cool.  I
could see that Jeff was a little uncomfortable at first.  When he and
Lisa started making out he kept peeking over at me, but I just sat
there with my book.  Gradually Lisa started to tug at his clothes,
trying to take off his shirt.  It was clear, massages in Barcelona however, that he didn’t
want to go any further with me in the room.  He tried to get Lisa to
come with him over to his room but she had settled into her bed and
wasn’t going to move.

“This is it, Jeff,” she said. “Lisa’s pussy opens up on this bed, and
this bed only!”  She sat back and smiled, pulling her tube top over her
head.  Her tits flopped out and she cupped them in her hands.  As I
would learn later, Lisa never wore a bra if she didn’t have to.

Now, I’ve seen women’s breasts before, but even I was impressed with
these beauties.  Soft and firm, they sat perkily on her chest, just
begging to be sucked and caressed.  After that Jeff sort of forgot
that I was there.  He grabbed Lisa by the waist and started off.  I
pretended to keep reading, but kept my eyes on the action on Lisa’s
bed.  She tore off her clothes THAI MASSAGE BARCELONA revealing her smooth hard body.  Jeff
looked pretty good himself and I started getting excited watching the
two of them fool around.

Jeff moaned as Lisa pulled off his briefs and gently licked at the
head of his cock.  He fondled her tits as she took him into her mouth
and started to pump his cock in and out. massages in Barcelona I could see Lisa’s saliva
leaking out the corners of her mouth, running down her neck.  She got
on her knees for a better angle, and raised her ass up off the bed.
I got my first clear look at her pussy.  It was soft and hairless.  Her
lips poked out pretty far and her clitoris was clearly visible.  As she
shifted her hips, her labia opened a little and some of her creamy
lubrication began dripping out.  She reached back with one hand and
held her pussy open with two fingers while a third gently prodded her
clit from side to side.

I started getting hot watching this smooth-skinned blonde slut finger
her pussy right in front of me.  Now, I’d seen other girl’s twats in the
gym shower and all, but never juicy and spread open like this.  I could
see how her lips got all swollen with her cum-lust.  Little drops of
cunt juice glistened on her pubic hairs as her fingers probed and stroked.
I’m no lesbo, but I felt like going over and just sticking my tongue up
that steamy box, and getting my THAI MASSAGE BARCELONA face sticky with her cream.  I leaned
forward and stared as Lisa’s ass swayed from side to side as she moaned
into Jeff’s cock, now furiously pumping down her throat.

Unfortunately just as Lisa was about to push her fingers directly into
her box, Jeff started to cum.  He grabbed her head and pounded
vigorously into her mouth.  Lisa had massages in Barcelona to use both hands to keep her
balance.  He must have poured a lot of cum into her mouth because she
didn’t swallow it all.  I could see some of it on her tongue and lips
as she swirled it around in her mouth.  Smiling, she swallowed the rest
and licked her face clean.  Lisa was about to pull Jeff down to her
pussy, but just then he leaned over and switched off the light and
pulled the blanket over the two of them.  Now I couldn’t see them,
but Lisa’s slurping and moaning left little to the imagination.  I lay
back on the bed and rubbed my pussy through my jeans, imagining that
I was joining Lisa and Jeff under the covers.

It wasn’t exactly like I wasn’t getting any male attention at school.
I mean, I’ve got a slim bod, medium to small breasts, and long dark hair.
A few guys had already asked me out, but I just didn’t move as fast
as Lisa did, and I guess I was feeling left out, not to mention being
horny as hell.  My usual internal dating schedule went something like ,
talking on the first date, a good night hug or kiss on the second, light
kissing on the third, and general making out and necking on the fourth.
If I really liked the guy I would let him start feeling my tits and ass
after that.  I’d only gone all the way twice in my life, so you can see
how Lisa’s moving from the initial “Can I buy you a drink?” to “Ow! You’re
on my hair!” in one evening left me out in the cold.  Frustrated, I sank
beneath my covers and fingered my pussy while listening to Lisa’s squishy
cunt get tongued and sucked.

The next morning I watched through my sheets as Lisa led Jeff naked
into the bathroom where they shared a shower before he left for team
practice.  I could hear the shower stall shaking next door as he fucked
her against the wall.  Lisa’s grunts of massages in Barcelona pleasure echoed through the

When Lisa came back into the room, she was wrapped only in a towel.
She plopped herself down in the easy chair and just sat, watching
the trees rustle in the breeze outside.  I pretended I was still asleep.
Absently, Lisa began to stroke her breasts.  She opened the towel,
showing me those fabulous globes again.  Her hands stroked and cupped
them, her fingers softly pinching her nipples.  Her left hand began
to slide across her smooth belly.  It gradually snaked down to her
crotch, and one by one, she pulled her thighs back until they were
almost at 90 degrees to her waist.  THAI MASSAGE BARCELONA Her cunt was now fully exposed, and
her pussy lips were pulled apart.  The scent of her juices wafted forth
as she gently stroked her pussy.  Her little clit pointed out of its
hood, and her fingers softly pushed it back and forth.

She sighed and shifted in her seat.  With her eyes closed, her head
lay back and her fingers began to stroke her clit in earnest.  I
watched in amazement as she unashamedly masturbated in the middle of
the room by an open window.  Soon she began to moan as her climax
approached.  Her fingers blurred over her pussy as her hips started
to churn up and down.  Grunting and gasping, she came over her hand,
her cunt coating her fingers with creamy massages in Barcelona lubrication.

I guess I had forgotten that I was supposed to be asleep ’cause I
had sat fully up, and was staring open mouthed at her brazen display
of lust.  My right hand was busy at my own cunt.  Lisa opened her eyes
and looked over to me.  Embarrassed, I broke away and tried to pretend
nothing had happened but Lisa knew better.  She came over and sat next
to me on the bed and began unbuttoning my nightshirt.  I should have
stopped her, but before I knew it she had pulled off my shirt and had
pushed me back onto the bed.  With a form grip, she pulled my thighs
apart, pressing them back up towards my tits.

Slowly she knelt between my legs and began kissing and licking her
way up my thighs.  When she got to my pussy she took a deep breath
and let her tongue play across my lips.  It was the most incredible
feeling I’d ever felt.  I’ve had guys inside me, and have even gotten
licked once or twice, but the THAI MASSAGE BARCELONA thrill of having this luscious soft baby
sucking on my box was just too much.

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