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of paper, it was another set of BuPers message orders.  When
the standard wording was translated, it read that Lt Anderson was
to be detached from his current duty station, take 30 days’ leave
(known as “delrep” for “delay in reporting”) and report to the
military air terminal at McGuire Air Force Base in civilian
clothes; he was not to use his own vehicle to get there.  His
personal effects (known as “household goods” or “HHG”) were to be
put in storage at government expense for the duration of the
orders.  “You won’t be stationed at McGuire,” Col. Hampton
explained, “That’s where we’ll be picking you up.  Bring three
days’ worth of clothes.  thai massage, oriental massage The Commodore of DesRon 2 has already
written a detaching fitness report, you’ll sign it when you get to
where you’re going after your leave.
“So go home and get your personal life in order.  Make sure
you’re parents know that you’re going to be out of touch for a long
time, it may be a few years before they get to see you.”  He handed
Anderson a card.  “They can call this number in case of an
emergency, but make damn sure they understand that doesn’t include
anything less than imminent death.  And make sure they know that
you may not be able to come back for any kind of emergency.  You
can use the address on the card as a forwarding address for your
“Where am I going?”
“You’ll know when you get there, Sherry.  The same lady who
drove you here will take you back to your thai massage, oriental massage transportation.  See you
in a month.”
Anderson left the room.  Hampton watched him go and sighed.
He was getting to have too much time in this assignment, he told
himself.  At first, he thought of the program as a way to gain some
use from worthless deviates.  But now, he knew that the men he
recruited were fine people, they simply had a different
orientation.  Hampton now knew that tossing them out was a waste;
now at least he could do something with some of them.
The woman drove Anderson to a third airport, this one was
considerably larger than the other two and had a control tower.
This time, he was shown to a Sabrejet bizjet that was painted in
USAF colors.  The jet took him to Langely AFB.  The same man who
had taken his car keys at the Norfolk airport handed them back to
him.  Anderson found his car and went home.

It took four days to arrange for the movers to come and take
everything he couldn’t fit into his car.  Then he went home.  The
leave was less than satisfying; neither one of his parents were
supportive of his desire to stay on active duty.  Anderson visited
his brother and left him the car thai massage, oriental massage and his personal gear (including
a fair number of firearms).  He did a little bit of traveling, and
presented himself to the military air terminal at McGuire with two
weeks’ worth of leave remaining.
The Air Force sergeant who was at the receiving desk read
Anderson’s orders and then checked a file.  She told Anderson to
go check into the transient BOQ and stay there; he’d be notified
when his flight was called.  Anderson had taken MAC flights before,
one normally has to wait at the terminal for one’s name to move up
the waiting list.  This treatment mystified him, but he just did
as she told him to.
The phone in his room rang a day and a half later.  Anderson
switched on a light, picked it up and muttered his name into the
“Lieutenant Anderson?  Master Sergeant Wilkes at the MAC desk.
Your flight leaves at 0430.  A car will be at the Q at 0410 to pick
you up.”
“What time is it now?”
“A little after three, sir.”
“All right, thanks.”  Anderson set the handset back into the
cradle.  Fucking zoomies , thai massage, oriental massage scheduling a flight on the rev watch.
Oh, well.  He rolled out of bed, shaved and showered.  The desk was
open 24 hours, he was checked out by four and waiting for his ride.
An airman came over to him.  “Are you LT Anderson?”
“May I see your ID, sir?”  Anderson handed it to him.  The
airman looked it over and handed it back.  “Come with me, sir.”
He led the way to a “blue steelie,” Air Force lingo for an issue
sedan.  Anderson got into the right-side seat.  He was a little
surprised when the airman passed by the MAC terminal and drove to
a hangar after passing a security check from the APs, who were
wearing woodland camo uniforms and thai massage, oriental massage carrying M-16A2s.

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