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7 April, 2016
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13 April, 2016

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When she walked into the store, it seemed rather typical of a small
town hardware store.  A young man approached her.  “May I help you?” he
inquired politely.
“Yes,” replied Roxanne, “I would like to buy a pair of handcuffs.”
“Certainly,” he said, “You must be with a sorority.  This is the time
of year that we make sure we are well stocked with such items.  Tell, me
what kind did you have in mind?”
“Well, I really wasn’t aware there was more than one kind.”
“There certainly are.  There are the lightweight, easy to carry in a
purse or pocket type, the maximum security type with a special key, the
cheap riveted kind, and the standard ten ounce type which are the most
popular,” explained the young man.
“Well,” said Roxanne, “I’d like to see the lightweight, the maximum
security and the standard types.”
“Here they are,” he said.  “If you have any questions, please don’t
hesitate to ask.”
“Which are the hardest to get out of,” asked Roxanne.
“Well, they are all impossible when properly applied, but a person
with a key can get out of all but the maximum security, unless they have a
key specifically for that serial number.  Of course, the handcuff company,
if you send them the serial number, will send just about anybody a key.
You need to be careful there.  Not many people carry around a regular
handcuff key though, much less a max-security key.”
“I’d like to try these on,” asked Roxanne, indicating the maximum
security handcuffs.
“Certainly, in front or behind your back?”
“Well, with my hands ‘cuffed in front of me, I really couldn’t be said
to be handcuffed, could I?” she laughed as she turned her back to him and
placed her wrists behind her.
He took her wrists and applied the ‘cuffs the way Rex had, with her
palms outward and very tightly between her wristbone and hand.
Several customers walked into the shop, and the phone rang.  “Excuse
me,” said the young man and ran to answer the phone.

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