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30 September, 2018
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30 November, 2018

The best lingam massage in Barcelona

For lovers of intense and pleasurable experiences, lingam massage is one of the best options we have in Shiva. Following a tradition that has been among us for several centuries, the male sexual organ is understood as a source of light and a central figure of sexuality , which directly affects all parts of our organism.

With this theory in mind, the job of our masseurs is to stimulate that whole area so that the climax spreads throughout the body in the form of a sensation of pleasure and relaxation. In this way, the skillful hands of the therapists of Shiva will help you to rediscover the comfort that, unfortunately, the current rhythm of life and the stress so habitual in our days prevent us from feeling. Likewise, for those people who are not satisfied on the sexual plane, a lingam massage is key to return to feel tremendously pleasurable impulses.

Do you want an erotic massage?

More intense orgasms with lingam massages

Thanks to the fact that this therapy allows us to experience high intensity orgasms, it is one of the preferred massages of our clients. In fact, it is an excellent investment in health because it allows the person to feel better physically and, in general, at all levels. When a part of us does not function properly, in the end it affects the rest of the body, since the brain is the organ that manages everything and needs to be in perfect condition.

Hindu philosophy treats sexual energies in a purer way than we are accustomed to today. In our society, the value of immediacy is sublimated and it seems that we only focus on the outcome rather than enjoying the process. Surely, technologies are partly to blame for this, so we offer you a place to disconnect from everything and reconcile with your inner peace and return to calm. From the moment you enter Shiva until you leave, a feeling of relaxation runs through your body and mind, so we are always with open arms eager to offer you the treatment you deserve.

This way of dealing with sexuality urges us not to focus solely on the physical side, but through massages connect with eroticism and sensuality to those who have always been associated with sex. And with this perspective, the orgasm is understood as the perfect way to transmit good vibrations to the whole body.

Massagers specialized in providing pleasure

To make the experience totally rewarding, we use oils and other complements to harmonize the work of our masseurs. They are in charge of taking care of your excitation and relaxation throughout the whole treatment, so you only have to lie back and enjoy. They will focus mainly on the penis and will match their movements with those of your breathing, experiencing a tremendously pleasant sexual state .

Our goal is that you enjoy every moment, the whole process, instead of thinking only at the moment of orgasm. In this way, the tension load that sometimes accompanies ejaculation is eliminated, especially in those men who have problems in that aspect. By applying the right pressure, the masseuse increases the sensation of pleasure and the result is an optimal orgasm that will make you feel like never before.

If you do not know which one to decide, you can request more information through our contact form or by calling +34 666 930 802.

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