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26 June, 2016
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2 July, 2016

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Erotic massage lingam in Shiva Massage, Beauty spanish masseuses will go to your hotel in 30min.

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Erotic Massage hotel

Cindy was spluttering. “Mom, Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Where are
we going,” she said with apprehension, figuring she was going to have to
have Mom clean up her dress and endure a sharp dressing down.

Mom pushed the bathroom door open, noticed that it was empty and then told
her daughter: “Young lady, I Erotic massage lingam have had enough of you. It’s bad enough the
way you act in the privacy of our home, but now you are shaming us, and
yourself, in public. And I intend to put an end to it right now!”

“Whaddaya mean,” Cynthia snarled. “What I mean is THIS,” her mother
replied, hustling her daughter to the red vinyl couch that furnished every
ladies’ room in America. Erotic massage lingam In one motion, she sat down and pulled Cindy
across her lap. Cindy couldn’t believe what was happening! She could only
gasp in terror as her normally mild-mannered mother scrunched up the white
lace party dress and quickly whisked the girl’s panties down, leaving her
small pale bottom exposed across Mom’s right leg.

“You are getting a long overdue spanking, missy,” she said, pulling out a
hairbrush from her purse.

“But I didn’t do anything!!! Noooooo!!!! MMMMnnnggg!! Nooo, Mommy, Nooo!
I’m sorry.”

It was far too late for that, but Cindy was lucky in a way. The brush was
only a small purse-size implement, with a short handle and a blue plastic
back with a curve Erotic massage lingam down the middle that arrayed the plastic bristles in a

Cindy didn’t feel lucky as Mom started in. WHAP WHAP SMACK!!! “There, you
little brat!” SMACK WWWHAAPP POP WHACK!!! “You are going to behave in
public from now on, young lady!”

“Aaaaahhhh!!! Noooo!!!! EEENNNGGGG!!!,” Cindy screamed through clenched
teeth. “Owwwwwww!!! OUCH! Stopitmommystopit!”

Mom kept it up, implanting cylindrical red Erotic massage lingam splotches across Cindy’s tender

Cynthia was losing control, and finally burst into tears when Mom told
her, matter of factly, “This is what a rotten parent I am. And this is how
you will be treated in the future when you sass back and disobey at home,

Poor Cindy was losing control, flailing about so hard that her fuzzy
little private place — so private she had showed it to only two boys —
was exposed under her dress. Erotic massage lingam Although a loving and gentle woman, Mom was
beginning to see the results of her handiwork and decided to lay it on so
hard that her daughter would never misbehave in public again. Up and down
Cindy was promising to be good, begging Mom to ease up, and she even
promised to grow up and solve world hunger if only the paddling would

“I know this hurts you, Cynthia,” Erotic massage lingam Mom said through the gasps of her own
exhaustion. “But I guarantee you will thank me for this in a couple of
years.” Cindy bit her lip so hard that the tears started stinging it. Mom

This was the worst licking Cindy would ever get, but instead of vowing to
mend her ways, she was thinking of ways of murdering her mother. The ways
multiplied in the next second as the ladies’ room door swung open. The two
older ladies, Thelma and Louise, had come in after paying their check to
repair the damage that the little blonde brat had caused.

Their jaws dropped in unison at the sight of the pretty mother spanking
her lovely minx on the bare bottom, and with a hairbrush no less.  “Oh,
pardon us,” said Louise. Mom looked up with disgust and motioned with her
head for them to go away. Cindy felt doubly humiliated, triply humiliated
actually when she saw the women. Erotic massage lingam Louise was the town librarian and Thelma,
that battleaxe, had been, before retirement last year, the assistant
principal at the elementary school.

Thelma, her gray hair tied in a severe bun, and her flower print
couch-patterened dress, shushed Louise. “I think we ought watch, don’t
you. This little lass has had this coming a long time, I’ll bet. I sure
wish I could have paddled her butt all those times she was sent to my

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