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31 July, 2018
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Why a massage is good

From the surface of the skin to deep organ suspensions: Only a few forms of therapy have such a wide range of effects as massage. Correct movements not only relax the muscles and increase blood circulation, but can also repair congestion in the cell tissue and lymph area. In the case of erotic massages, pleasure runs through the whole body, as we do not only focus on the genitals.

One positive effect of massage is its analgesic effect – and not only with acute discomfort. Even patients who suffer from persistent pain often experience a breakthrough in their constant perception of pain, which is what makes more movement therapies possible. Likewise, a reduction in stress is a characteristic benefit of this therapy.

Do you want an erotic massage?

Skin contact, metabolic stimulation and relaxation also have a positive effect on mental state. Therefore, massage is an appropriate therapeutic complement when it comes to improving body perception, for example in cases of depression or anxiety disorders. If there is something wrong with you or blocking your daily life, putting yourself in the hands of our erotic masseurs will help you improve your overall well-being.

Differences between erotic massage and classic massage

In its medical application, classical massage concentrates on the region of the body where symptoms are present. Treatment usually begins with gentle strokes. In this case, the therapist will receive initial tissue feedback and can adjust the intensity of your cuffs accordingly – as strong as necessary and as weak as possible.

By stroking, kneading, rubbing, rubbing, hitting and vibrating, the masseur finally penetrates deeper layers of tissue. In addition, communication with the patient is also important in a medical massage: it must contain recommendations for additional movement exercises and lifestyle advice, for example at work or in sport, in order to better avoid possible incorrect tension in the future.

As for erotic massage, there is a tendency to resort to it for recreational purposes. After all, sex provides a disproportionate amount of pleasure and anyone feels good about experiencing a massage of this kind. For this reason, whoever enjoys intimate contact has a vein here to increase the sensations. Likewise, those who are not lucky enough to have a healthy sex life find in erotic massages the perfect escape route.

Although we have already mentioned that erotic massage has a healing character, its main objective is to provide and pleasure to the client. Everything that comes with it is accessory, but it is fully demonstrated that this type of therapy has a direct influence on general health.

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